Niles Goodsite

“A television director was arrested Wednesday for secretly filming women using a restroom at a Warner Center office complex, Los Angeles police said.”

“After he went into a stall and closed the door behind him, Goodsite sat on a toilet and angled a video camera under adjoining stalls for more than an hour, police said. He filmed more than 15 women using the toilet before he was caught, Severns said.”


Timothy Williams (April 22, 1994). WOODLAND HILLS : Director Arrested for Lewd Conduct. (Archive)

Kirby Puckett

Staff Reports (October 18, 2002). Kirby Puckett Charged With Sexual Assault. (Archive)

Jerry Sandusky

Sara Ganim (May 8, 2016). Sandusky victim: Joe Paterno told me to drop abuse accusation. (Archive)

John “Jumbo” Elliott

Christopher Francescani (July 11, 1999). Unnecessary Roughness By Jets Trio. (Archive)[1].

Notable Quote: “He barged into the women’s bathroom, urinating in a sink and punching a woman who was in the restroom in the chest, Kearns said.”[1].

John Boswell

Christine Stapleton (October 2, 2018). UPDATED: Arrested GOP donor and philanthropist has Alzheimer’s. (Archive)

George Michael

Rich Juzwiak (October 20, 2017). Guess Which Defining Moment of George Michael’s Public Life Is Omitted In His Showtime Doc. (Archive)

Radar Staff (January 12, 2017). ‘Zip Me Up Before You Go Go’ Vice Cop Who Busted George Michael In L.A. Bathroom Still Haunted By ‘Lewd’ Act Arrest. (Archive)

Henry Weinstein (December 4, 2002). Slander Suit Against George Michael Can Proceed. (Archive)

Sue McAllister (April 09, 1998). Pop Singer George Michael Arrested in Restroom of Beverly Hills Park. (Archive)

Previously known as Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou

Dennis Rodman

TMZ Staff (June 23, 2017). Uses Women’s Restroom at Airport … While Bumping Staind. (Archive)

Colin Stutz (June 23, 2017). Dennis Rodman Blasts Staind While Using Women’s Restroom at Airport. (Archive)

Andre Romelle Young

KHAL (July 11, 2017). Dr. Dre on Brutally Attacking Dee Barnes: ‘I Was Out of My F*cking Mind’. (Archive)

Diamond Alexis (June 28, 2017). Dr. Dre Will Apologize for His 1991 Bathroom Assault on Dee Barnes. (Archive)

Alan Light (August 8, 1991). N.W.A.: Beating Up the Charts. (Archive)

Also known as Dr. Dre