Dr. Gaylord Parkinson

Randy Dotinga (July 13, 2018). How an ‘Ugly’ 1974 Restroom Sting United San Diego’s Emerging Gay Community. Voiceofsandiego.org (Archive)

Dr. Gaylord Parkinson served as chairman of the state Republican Party.


David Narramore

Monica Kast (July 19, 2017). GOP parts ways with county chairman after indecent exposure arrest involving stun gun. Kentucky.com (Archive)

News Channel 11 Staff (July 17, 2017). KPD officers arrest man on indecent exposure, resisting arrest charges. Wjhl.com (Archive)

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David Narramore served as a member of the State Executive Committee for the Republican Party as well as the Letcher County, Kentucky chairman.

Joseph Dendy

Meris Lutz (June 19, 2017). Former GOP county leader in Georgia gets life sentence for child molestation. Wpxi.com (Archive)

Joseph Dendy was the Cobb County, Georgia, Republican Party leader.

Dennis Hastert

Tony Scott (May 27, 2017). New Dennis Hastert accuser sues former speaker, Yorkville School District 115. Nwherald.com (Archive)

Dennis Hastert is a former U.S. House Speaker.

Sen. Larry Craig

“The senator was arrested June 11, 2007, by an undercover police officer at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The officer said Craig tapped his foot and signaled under a stall divider that he wanted sex.”

“Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a fine. After his arrest later became public, Craig tried unsuccessfully to reverse his conviction, in the process racking up substantial legal fees that he satisfied by tapping his campaign accounts.”

John Miller, Associated Press (October 4, 2013). FEC seeks $140K fine from Craig in bathroom case. Latimes.com (Archive)

Richard B. Schmitt (August 30, 2007 ). Craig might change his plea. Latimes.com (Archive)

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