Charles S. Couch

Easy Reader Staff (October 22, 2014). Manhattan Beach spends $175,000 to settle sex sting lawsuit. (Archive)

Christine Mai-Duc (October 17, 2013). While helping disabled boy, he’s ‘tackled’ in sex sting; now he sues. (Archive)


Manpreet Grewal

“The State Attorney’s Office will not charge a Jacksonville doctor who was accused of recording employees in a bathroom.”

“The State Attorney’s Office disposition statement, signed on Friday morning, cites “insufficient evidence.”

Jenna Bourne (December 14, 2018). Jacksonville doctor accused of recording women in bathroom will not be charged. (Archive)

Jenna Bourne (June 8, 2018). Jacksonville doctor resigns amid accusations he recorded women in bathroom. (Archive)

Xiu Hui “Joseph” Jiang

“Jiang was accused of molesting a boy in 2011 and 2012 in a bathroom of St. Louis the King School, the elementary school at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce dropped the charges this month without explanation.”

Robert Patrick (November 27, 2017). St. Louis priest gets apology from anti-abuse group; suit against police is dismissed. (Archive)

Joel Currier, Religion News Service (July 1, 2015). St. Louis priest files federal lawsuit after being cleared of child sex abuse charges. (Archive)

Willie Logan (August 21, 2001). Judge Issues Ruling In Willie Logan’s Case. (Archive)

Ellis Berger (March 27, 2001). Logan Was Not Target, Police Say. (Archive)

Buddy Nevins (March 26, 2001). Politician’s Arrest Shocks Colleagues. (Archive)

Willie Logan is a former Florida State House Democratic leader.

Bob Moorehead

Staff Reports (May 22, 1999). REDMOND: Elders say evidence goes against pastor. (Archive)

Art Moore (July 13, 1998). Sex Allegations: Megachurch Pastor Quits, Denies Wrongdoing. (Archive)

Michael Shallow

Frank Fernandez (December 18, 2017). Volusia County, former beach safety officer cleared in restroom sex sting lawsuit. (Archive)

Jason David

Christal Hayes (August 16, 2017). Man used motor oil in explosion outside auto store before McDonald’s blast, deputies say. (Archive)

Christal Hayes (August 2, 2017). Man who left McDonald’s moments before explosion arrested on unrelated charges, officials say. (Archive)

Business: McDonald’s

Jason Keith Keiser

Sarah Cassi (July 6, 2017). Man cleared in Wal-Mart bathroom pic case accused of producing child porn. (Archive)

Business: Walmart