Two Women Charged With Groping Transgender Patron At Downtown Raleigh Bar

“Jessica Leann Fowler, 31, and Amber Nicole Harrell, 38, both of Raleigh, have been charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and felony second-degree kidnapping, according to an arrest warrant and records filed with the City County Bureau of Identification.”


WRAL (January 10, 2019). Transgender woman on restroom incident: ‘It felt hateful’. (Archive)

Thomasi McDonald (January 08, 2019). Two women charged with groping transgender patron at downtown Raleigh bar. (Archive)

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Arrested: Jessica Leann Fowler (Jessica Fowler), Amber Nicole Harrell (Amber Harrell)

Jason Mikel

“Officers said Jason Mikel, of Minooka, Illinois, approached the 9-year-old girl Sunday around 3:45 p.m. in a locker room area of the Forbidden Journey ride.”

Kevin Williams (December 31, 2018). Man arrested for trying to kidnap 9-year-old girl from Harry Potter ride at Universal, police say. (Archive)

Rafael Nieto Sanchez

“Police arrested a Santa Ana man Tuesday in connection with the abduction of a 5-year-girl who was then beaten and choked in a public restroom.”

“Rafael Nieto Sanchez, 24, was arrested after the little girl spotted his car on the same block where she was abducted.”

Louise Roug, Lisa Richardson, David Haldane (February 9, 2000). Man Arrested in Beating of Girl, 5. (Archive)

Paul Leahy

“BOSTON — The killing was stunning because of its randomness a young woman stabbed to death in the bathroom at a busy highway rest stop.”

“During pretrial hearings prosecutors described Leahy as a violent sexual predator who followed Zapp into the Burger King restroom at the rest stop on Route 24 and stabbed her to death as she tried to fight him.”

Denise Lavoie, Associated Press (September 22, 2003, Updated January 13, 2011). Trial to begin today in Route 24 rest stop killing. (Archive)

Steven Finnegan

“Finnegan, 32, is charged with sexual assault, first-degree kidnapping and murder in the death of 16-year-old Jessica Heaney, a Silverado High School student who was found dead on March 7, 1998, in a clubhouse restroom at the Arbor Court condominiums in Henderson. Heaney had been sodomized and strangled before being left face-down in a toilet.”

Jace Radke (November 26, 2002). Murder suspect’s past is at issue. (Archive)

Christopher Todd Gard

Deanne Stein (September 16 2013). Homeless Man Wearing Women’s Panties Accused Of Assaulting Young Girl In OKC. (Archive)

Jorge Torres

Web Staff (August 14, 2018). Newport News man accused of assaulting woman, locking her in store bathroom. (Archive)

Andrew Lee Palmer

Hicham Raache (September 28, 2018). Homeless Springdale Man Raped Woman in Park Restroom, Police Say. (Archive)

Robert Collier

WMC Action News 5 (May 22, 2018). Man charged with exposing self, trying to kidnap boy in mall bathroom. (Archive)

Demetrue Lawon Mcclary

Hannah Strong (March 23, 2018). As she cleaned a Myrtle Beach bathroom, a man attacked her from behind, police say. (Archive)