Frederick Taft

“Frederick Taft, 57, was shot and killed inside a restroom at Pan American Park in the 5100 block of Centralia Avenue around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, according to a news release issued by the Long Beach Police Department.”


Megan Barnes (July 24, 2018). Fredrick Taft slaying: Long Beach police release few new details as community rallies for justice. (Archive)

James Queally (July 24, 2018). Black man slain at family reunion in Long Beach park was victim of hate crime, relatives say. (Archive)

Philip Chism

“Essex Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall argued that Chism, then 14, began his crime in the bathroom — strangling, raping, and stabbing his 24-year-old math teacher — but was interrupted when a student came into the bathroom.”

Maria Cramer (November 30, 2015). Official describes brutal injuries to Colleen Ritzer. (Archive)

Charles Augustus Jones

“A parolee with a lengthy rap sheet was charged with capital murder after a statewide DNA database linked him to a 1993 sexual assault and killing of a woman at a South Los Angeles carwash, authorities said Monday.”

“Jones, who was charged Friday, is accused of killing Mara Robinson, 34, whose body was discovered June 9, 1993, inside a restroom by workers at a carwash at 1624 W. Florence Ave.”

Caitlin Liu (June 7, 2005). DNA Is Linked to 1993 Slaying. (Archive)

Jeremy Strohmeyer

“Her name is Sherrice Iverson, and she was 7 when she was lured from an arcade into a Primm casino restroom 20 years ago, forced into the largest stall, sexually assaulted and slowly strangled before her killer snapped her neck.”

Rachel Crosby (May 26, 2017). Reflecting on Sherrice Iverson’s death, 20 years later. (Archive)

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Zuma Beach Killing Allegations Shock Hometown of 3 Suspects

“Investigators believe that the youths went to Southern California by bus in late May to avoid a burglary investigation. After a brief stay in Los Angeles, they allegedly accosted and stabbed saleswoman Jacqueline Kirkham in a public restroom, taking her purse and car in order to return to New Mexico.”

Manley Witten (November 19, 1992). N.M. Teens Sentenced in Killing at Zuma Beach : Murder: The 18-year-old who stabbed the victim received life without parole. His accomplice, also 18, got 25 years to life.. (Archive)

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Arrested: Jason Alexander, Michael Lorretto, Guillermo Bustos

Francisco Donate Banuelos

“Bar patron Maria Guttierez testified that she was in the bathroom when Banuelos burst through the door, grabbed her and pointed the pistol at Chavez. Guttierez testified that Banuelos told Chavez, “You’re not leaving here. . . .”

Mack Reed (May 8, 1990). Countywide : Pacoima Man Guilty in 1980 Bar Slaying. (Archive)

Business: El Chihuahua Bar

Unsolved Murder Of Jane Snow

“Snow, who had been a nurse in Grand Rapids, was found stabbed to death inside the women’s restroom at the northbound I-75 rest area, with no apparent motive for the attack.”

Michael Jones (May 12, 2009). Probe: hope ‘someone will come forward’. (Archive)

Timothy Marcus Mayberry

“Timothy Marcus Mayberry, 33, has been charged with one count of murder in the death of 28-year-old Avery Brown.”

Melissa Hudson (October 3, 2018). Charges filed against suspect in fatal shooting at Bleachers. (Archive)

Aki Da Ron Franklin

“Aki Da Ron Franklin, 23, faces several charges, including murder in the death of 29-year-old Abraham Gadson.”

WSAV Staff (October 10, 2018). UPDATE: Bluffton Police make arrest in deadly shooting at Wendy’s. (Archive)

Paul Leahy

“BOSTON — The killing was stunning because of its randomness a young woman stabbed to death in the bathroom at a busy highway rest stop.”

“During pretrial hearings prosecutors described Leahy as a violent sexual predator who followed Zapp into the Burger King restroom at the rest stop on Route 24 and stabbed her to death as she tried to fight him.”

Denise Lavoie, Associated Press (September 22, 2003, Updated January 13, 2011). Trial to begin today in Route 24 rest stop killing. (Archive)