Creeper Who Tried To Grab Millbrae Student In Boys Bathroom On The Loose

“Authorities are investigating after a male suspect who reportedly tried to grab a boy inside the bathroom of a Millbrae school is on the loose.”


Alexa Mae Asperin (January 1, 2019). Creeper Who Tried To Grab Millbrae Student In Boys Bathroom On The Loose. (Archive)

Tyrone Young

“The woman was washing her hands in the restroom when a man police identified as Tyrone Young walked out of one of the stalls, dressed only in boxer shorts, and grabbed her and slammed her to the floor, police said.”

Staff Report (July 21, 2011). Boxer-clad man attacks woman in Aurora Lowe’s store. (Archive)

Le’George Gray

“The assault resulted in injuries so severe that he had to be taken to a Dallas hospital for treatment, yet no one from Palestine High School called 911.”

Staff Reports (January 7, 2019). Trial set in locker room assault. (Archive)

Brionna Rivers (October 4, 2018). Student speaks out one year after being badly beaten in locker room. (Archive)

Also known as LeGeorge Gray

Josef Messer

“According to Hancock County District Attorney, Matthew Foster, Messer allegedly took a child to the bathroom after the child defecated. Messer proceeded to submerge the child in cold water and allegedly made the child eat his own feces.”

Kayla Binette (June 20, 2016). Man accused of assaulting 5-year-old in court. (Archive)

Fernando Soriano-Verdis

“Beaupre said Soriano-Verdis then followed two of the women into the bathroom and touched them inappropriately.”

Marissa Bodnar (May 16, 2017). Biddeford waiter accused of serving alcohol to underage girls, touching inappropriately. (Archive)

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Dale Kukucka

“The victim said Kukucka went into the women’s bathroom during a Fife and Drum Muster event at Grange Hall and assaulted her.”

NBC Connecticut (November 8, 2013). Bloomfield Teacher Charged With Sex Assault. (Archive)

Teen Charged With Assault In Locker Room Incident

“The 15-year-old ended up being hospitalized with serious head injuries, although police said he was later released.”

Luke Hagen (December 27, 2018). City looks into hockey locker room incident as players, coaches suspended. (Archive)

Katie Nelson (December 24, 2018). Teen Charged With Assault In Locker Room Incident. (Archive)

James McNeil

“James McNeil, 36, of Frederica, was charged with Aggravated Menacing, Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon A Firearm and Assault Third Degree, according to Capt. Earl Brode, a Harrington police spokesman.”

Craig Anderson (December 26, 2018). Affidavit: Former coach denies pointing gun at wrestler. (Archive)

Tom Lehman (December 21, 2018). Updated : Harrington Police Arrest Delaware Correctional Officer Accused of Pulling Gun on Teenager. (Archive)

Also known as James N. McNeil

Addison Bram Johnson

“An 18-year-old Kennesaw Mountain High School student was arrested Friday after police said he slashed another student’s wrist with a box cutter in the school bathroom.”

Ross Williams (December 26, 2018). Kennesaw Mountain student charged with box cutter attack in school bathroom. (Archive)

Luis Augusto Ramirez

“Police say this guy was targeting victims as they showered in the women’s locker room.”

Simon Shaykhet (June 03, 2016). Man charged with assaulting woman in locker room. (Archive)