Craig E. Talmadge

“King County prosecutors say the defendant, Craig E. Talmadge, “camped out in a stall for over 20 minutes” and showed pornographic pictures on his Samsung Galaxy S6 to the boy in a neighboring stall on Jan. 8.”


Alex Halverson (January 16, 2019). Charges: Man showed 10-year-old nude images in Fred Meyer bathroom. (Archive)

Two Women Charged With Groping Transgender Patron At Downtown Raleigh Bar

“Jessica Leann Fowler, 31, and Amber Nicole Harrell, 38, both of Raleigh, have been charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and felony second-degree kidnapping, according to an arrest warrant and records filed with the City County Bureau of Identification.”

WRAL (January 10, 2019). Transgender woman on restroom incident: ‘It felt hateful’. (Archive)

Thomasi McDonald (January 08, 2019). Two women charged with groping transgender patron at downtown Raleigh bar. (Archive)

The Associated Press (January 9, 2019). 2 women verbally abused, sexually assaulted transgender woman in bar bathroom, Raleigh police say. (Archive)

Arrested: Jessica Leann Fowler (Jessica Fowler), Amber Nicole Harrell (Amber Harrell)

Police Seek Person Of Interest After Man’s ‘inappropriate Encounter’ With Boy In Frisco Movie-Theater Bathroom

“The boy was in a restroom at the AMC theater at Stonebriar Centre, in the 2600 block of Preston Road, around noon Nov. 19 when a man “attempted to initiate an inappropriate encounter” with him, police said.”

Tom Steele (January 5, 2019). Police Seek Person Of Interest After Man’s ‘inappropriate Encounter’ With Boy In Frisco Movie-Theater Bathroom. (Archive)

Sean G. Kelley

“Kelley was allegedly looking at a 14-year-old girl, the police report indicates.”

“The employee knocked on the door and ordered the man out. She said the man “said something about being in the bathroom because he was ‘gender specific.’”

Jessie Stensland (February 13, 2018). Man accused of voyeurism in Walmart bathroom. (Archive)

Also known as Sean Kelley, Sean Garrett Kelley

Mother Seeks Answers About Alleged Improper Behavior By Staffer With Her Autistic Son At Rockland School

“ROCKLAND, Maine — Rockland police have investigated and passed on to the county prosecutor a report that a male staff member at a local elementary school was found with his pants partially down in a bathroom with a young autistic student. Despite denying the alleged encounter, the employee immediately resigned from the school.”

Stephen Betts, BDN Staff (December 12, 2013). Mother Seeks Answers About Alleged Improper Behavior By Staffer With Her Autistic Son At Rockland School. (Archive)

Fernando Soriano-Verdis

“Beaupre said Soriano-Verdis then followed two of the women into the bathroom and touched them inappropriately.”

Marissa Bodnar (May 16, 2017). Biddeford waiter accused of serving alcohol to underage girls, touching inappropriately. (Archive)

Business: Casa Fiesta

Joe Kimerer

“At various times, Kimerer asked the boys during practice to go to the bathroom and masturbate, then he asked them to tell him about it, according to the affidavit. He also asked the boys about their pubescent development and asked about their penis sizes, according to the affidavit.”

Ron Wilkins, Journal & Courier (March 10, 2018). Elementary school teacher arrested for coaching boys to perform sexual acts, take photos. (Archive)

Dale Steven Daniels

“Someone reported that Daniels was performing a sexual act while at the university’s Donaghey Student Center, authorities said.”

“When officers arrived, the man was found lying exposed in the sauna of a women’s locker room, the report noted.”

Brandon Riddle (March 29, 2018). Police: Man arrested after exposing himself in UALR women’s locker room. (Archive)

Walter Jenkins

“In 1964, Jenkins resigned from Johnson’s staff after an incident involving an alleged homosexual act in a public restroom, leading to his arrest on a morals charge. Jenkins forfeited a $50 bond rather than appear in court to face the charge.”

Times Wire Services (November 30, 1985). Ex-LBJ Aide Walter Jenkins Is Dead at 67. (Archive)

Montclair High School Incident Involved Alleged Sexual Contact, Prosecutor Says

Owen Proctor (May 17, 2018). Montclair High School Incident Involved Alleged Sexual Contact, Prosecutor Says. (Archive)