Aristeo Mancia

“The parents of a boy who was photographed by a Wal-Mart employee using the restroom at the South Gate store in 2017 reached a settlement with the retail store chain, court papers obtained Tuesday show.”


Contributing Editor (January 15, 2019). Family Settles With Retail Giant Over Clandestine Photos. (Archive)

Johnny Tuck Chee Chan

“Chan, 37, is accused of recording 51 men and women between December 2016 and November 2017 at a Kaiser Permanente pharmacy office in the 5700 block of Northeast 138th Avenue. The Multnomah County District Attorney’s office said Chan placed a camera in the employee bathroom and caught at least 28 in states of undress.”

“The camera, which was concealed to face the toilet, made 173 videos of 27 different employees, including three minors, prosecutors say.”

Aimee Green (January 9, 2019). Banana Republic failed to protect its employees from being recorded in restroom, $500k lawsuit says. (Archive)

Luke Kenton (December 12, 2018). Pharmacist who was fired for ‘secretly filming women in the bathroom is arrested for doing it AGAIN at his new job at Banana Republic’. (Archive)

Molly Harbarger (December 10, 2018). Fired Kaiser pharmacist arrested again after camera found in new workplace. (Archive)

Also known as Johnny Chan

Business: Banana Republic

Brunswick Settles Lawsuit Over Former Student Who Says He Was Assaulted In School Bathroom

“According to the 30-page complaint, over a period of 2½ years “a group of sexually aggressive and violent male students” harassed the student, called him “gay,” subjected him to several “gay tests,” struck him with a lacrosse stick, stabbed him with a pencil, sexually assaulted him on three separate occasions, then threatened him and his family if he told anyone about the assaults.”

Beth Brogan (November 1, 2016). Brunswick Settles Lawsuit Over Former Student Who Says He Was Assaulted In School Bathroom. (Archive)

Edward A. Hakim III

“Candice Imbrunone says in September 2010 she was victimized by Edward A. Hakim III, an employee of a Clinton Township tanning salon, who she says reached over the wall of a booth and recorded video or photographs of her with a cell phone camera.”

Jameson Cook (October 24, 2011). Sterling Heights woman says male employee recorded her during tanning session. (Archive)

Business: Baja Beach Tan

Charles S. Couch

Easy Reader Staff (October 22, 2014). Manhattan Beach spends $175,000 to settle sex sting lawsuit. (Archive)

Christine Mai-Duc (October 17, 2013). While helping disabled boy, he’s ‘tackled’ in sex sting; now he sues. (Archive)

Xiu Hui “Joseph” Jiang

“Jiang was accused of molesting a boy in 2011 and 2012 in a bathroom of St. Louis the King School, the elementary school at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce dropped the charges this month without explanation.”

Robert Patrick (November 27, 2017). St. Louis priest gets apology from anti-abuse group; suit against police is dismissed. (Archive)

Joel Currier, Religion News Service (July 1, 2015). St. Louis priest files federal lawsuit after being cleared of child sex abuse charges. (Archive)

Cornelius T. Otero

“Once, Otero found Dunn and his friends playing kickball in the basement of St. Joan of Arc Catholic School and angrily instructed all the kids except Dunn to leave.”

“The priest then escorted the boy into a bathroom and forced him to perform oral sex while Otero took photos, Dunn alleged.”

Melkorka Licea (August 25, 2018). Victim of priest sex abuse rejects $200K payout from Catholic church. (Archive)

Alan Gallardo Ganir

“LIHUE — Former female employees of the Kauai Marriott Resort &Beach Club in Lihue have filed a lawsuit in Fifth Circuit Court against the hotel conglomerate, alleging a fellow employee recorded them using the bathroom and changing clothes in the female locker room.”

“The suit alleges over 50 employees, including front desk agents, service agents, servers, bartenders and cashiers of the hotel have used the women’s locker room while being surreptitiously filmed.”

Bethany Freudenthal (October 12, 2018). Suit: Female employees recorded in locker room. (Archive)

Jacop Robert Lee Hazlett

“According to the document, Hazlett was supervising a group of children aged 3-5 in a room called “the Tree House.”

“At some point, Hazlett allegedly took the 3-year-old boy into a bathroom where the abuse occurred, the affidavit stated.”

Charles Duncan (November 29, 2018). Volunteer at SC megachurch sexually assaulted at least 14 pre-school boys, lawsuit says. (Archive)

Gregory Yee Gyee (November 28, 2018). North Charleston church volunteer charged with molesting 3-year-old boy. (Archive)

Also known as Jacop Hazlett

Women Accuse Poverello House Of Allowing Transgender Resident To Sexually Harass Them

“It was during these moments, the lawsuit says, when the transgender woman began making lewd comments to the women, specifically saying things about their breasts and other body features as the group was nude. Some of the women also caught her looking at them through cracks in the shower stalls and while they used the restroom.”

Rory Appleton (October 12, 2018). Women Accuse Poverello House Of Allowing Transgender Resident To Sexually Harass Them. (Archive)