Andres Lazaro Lopez

“According to a search warrant affidavit filed by an Oregon State Police investigator, Lopez is accused of using a pencil-sized hole in a bathroom stall to watch a man who was masturbating and videotaping the man without his consent by using his cellphone.”


Bennett Hall (January 15, 2019). OSU employee charged with invasion of privacy. (Archive)[1]

Notable Quote: “Cruising has sprung up as one way that gay men can engage in consensual sex interactions while attempting to avoid social and criminal judgement for those innately human acts,” Hunking wrote in an email to the newspaper.”[1]

Billy Morrison

“A Levy County School Board member and banker has been arrested and charged with lewdness following an alleged incident in a men’s restroom at Santa Fe College.”

Karen Voyles (October 18, 2008). Levy School Board member charged with exposing himself. (Archive)

Also known as Billey Ray Morrison

Charles S. Couch

Easy Reader Staff (October 22, 2014). Manhattan Beach spends $175,000 to settle sex sting lawsuit. (Archive)

Christine Mai-Duc (October 17, 2013). While helping disabled boy, he’s ‘tackled’ in sex sting; now he sues. (Archive)

18 Men Arrested In Sex Sting At Manhattan Beach Public Restroom

“The men, aged 21 to 59-years-old, were arrested on a range of charges including soliciting and engaging in lewd conduct in a public place, loitering, utilizing a peephole in a restroom, invasion of privacy and indecent exposure.”

Staff Reports (April 3, 2012). 18 Men Arrested In Sex Sting At Manhattan Beach Public Restroom. (Archive)

Mugshots of those arrested. (Archive)

Virginia Park Now Taken Over By Gay Sex

“Men meet for anonymous sex in public places across the United States, and such activity has been happening for at least 15 years in Virginia. One homosexual-oriented Web site lists locations by state where men seek public sex. The 22 locations listed in Virginia include department-store bathrooms, parks and rest stops. Authorities targeted Conway Robinson after a Boy Scout troop in March found men engaged in sexual activity.”

The Washington Times (September 30, 2002). Virginia Park Now Taken Over By Gay Sex. (Archive)

18 Men Arrested In Sex Sweep

Stephanie Hoops (November 2, 2002). Half of men arrested on sex charges have pleaded guilty. (Archive)[1].

Stephanie Hoops (November 2, 2002). 18 Men Arrested In Sex Sweep. (Archive)

Notable Quote: “Initially we did not name these men because we don’t normally name people charged with these misdemeanor offenses. However, we underestimated the degree of public interest in this case,” said Tuscaloosa News Executive Editor Douglas Ray.[1].


Eugene Haynes Crawford, 72
William Stanley England, 45
Thomas Christopher Kynard, 31
Danny Newton Posey, 45
Randy Ray Robertson, 33
Sammy William Waters, 43
Jackie Wilson, 48
Roland Haley Bowers, 70
William Douglas Wycoff, 49
William Terence Davis, 38
William Carl McDonald, 76
Ronnie Miller, 46
Larry Eugene Patton, age unknown
Ronald Preston Rohrer, 43
Sean Stefan Rubio, 33

Robert Allen

“Robert Allen, a Kerman Unified School District official and Selma City Council member, and 29 others were booked on suspicion of sexual battery and performing lewd acts in Roeding Park bathrooms Tuesday.”

Times Wire Reports (October 03, 2002). 30 Arrested for Alleged Sex Acts in Parks. (Archive)

BU Sex Sting Results In Bathroom Arrests

Daily Free Press Admin (October 29, 2002). BU Sex Sting Results In Bathroom Arrests. (Archive)[1].

Notable Quote: “Approximately 30 individuals have been arrested for open and gross behavior, which is indecent exposure, or lewd and lascivious behavior,” St. Hilaire said. “Approximately 50 people have been arrested in the past two years.”[1].

Kevin F. Jocembs

Brooke A. Masters (March 23, 2001). Judges Get Tough on GW Parkway Sex Cases. (Archive)