Two Women Charged With Groping Transgender Patron At Downtown Raleigh Bar

“Jessica Leann Fowler, 31, and Amber Nicole Harrell, 38, both of Raleigh, have been charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and felony second-degree kidnapping, according to an arrest warrant and records filed with the City County Bureau of Identification.”


WRAL (January 10, 2019). Transgender woman on restroom incident: ‘It felt hateful’. (Archive)

Thomasi McDonald (January 08, 2019). Two women charged with groping transgender patron at downtown Raleigh bar. (Archive)

The Associated Press (January 9, 2019). 2 women verbally abused, sexually assaulted transgender woman in bar bathroom, Raleigh police say. (Archive)

Arrested: Jessica Leann Fowler (Jessica Fowler), Amber Nicole Harrell (Amber Harrell)

Corey Krongard

“Police reports indicate that Krongard reported the alleged assault to have happened in the bathroom of the bar, but then later reported the incident occurred in the parking garage.”

Laurenne Ramsdell (August 6, 2011). Strafford woman charged with false report of sexual assault in Portsmouth. (Archive)

Elizabeth Ellis

“The other victim, stabbed from behind about 11:58 a.m. while in the restroom at J.C. Penney, told police that her alleged assailant stared at her “with her eyes wide” before leaving the bathroom. Neither victim reported that Ellis spoke to them.”

Judy Harrison (June 4, 2015). Affidavit: Woman accused of Bangor Mall stabbings said ‘I am not well’. (Archive)

Melissa Wenckebach

“They spoke on behalf of 47 victims — women and children Wenckebach, 28, of Pleasant Prairie, pleaded guilty to spying on via hidden cameras from May 2011 through April 2014 under the direction of Karl Landt, 37, Wenckebach’s co-conspirator in committing the felonies and her immediate Uline supervisor.”

Bill Guida (October 31, 2015). 6 years prison ordered in locker room camera case. (Archive)

Bryan Polcyn (September 18, 2015). “Sick, twisted individual:” Landt to spend 12 years in prison for setting up hidden cameras. (Archive)

Katie DeLong, Ben Handelman (April 10, 2014). Woman accused of placing cameras in women’s locker room says she “lost a bet”. (Archive)

Police: Suspects Who Took Photos Of Naked Patrons In Boyds Locker Room Sought

“According to police, an investigation revealed that the suspects – one black male and three black females – were being disorderly and photographing naked patrons as they changed clothes in the men’s locker room. The black male was allegedly encouraging the females to stay in the men’s locker room.”

ABC7 (July 28, 2018). Police: Suspects Who Took Photos Of Naked Patrons In Boyds Locker Room Sought. (Archive)

Location: South Germantown Indoor Swim Center in Boyds

Meghan Miller

“Miller would normally meet the girl at night in city parks, but also had sexual encounters with the girl in Miller’s office and the high-school locker room, the charges say.”

Sara Jean Green (December 21, 2018). Ballard High School assistant soccer coach arrested on charges of molesting student. (Archive)

NYC Mugger In Leopard-Print Jacket Stalked Her Prey In Subway Bathroom: Cops

“A woman dressed in a hooded leopard jacket and pink leggings under her torn blue jeans is being sought for a lower Manhattan subway bathroom attack, police said Friday.”

Rocco Parascandola (December 1, 2018). NYC Mugger In Leopard-Print Jacket Stalked Her Prey In Subway Bathroom: Cops. (Archive)

Police: Carthage Residents Among Those Arrested In Shreveport Bar Brawl

“Patrol officers responded to a fight call in the 400 block of Spring Street around 3 a.m. Sunday, police said. Officers found that Godwin and Dartez had attacked a woman in the bar’s restroom, police said.”

Staff Reports (December 20, 2018). Police: Carthage Residents Among Those Arrested In Shreveport Bar Brawl. (Archive)

Arrested: Jennifer Godwin, Kerri Dartez, Joshua Byrd

Mike Bauer

“With the nun it happened in the women’s bathroom at the school and with the priest it happened in the church on the right side in front of a bunch of candles.”

Seema Iyer (September 25, 2018). Man who claims sexual abuse by Catholic nun 50 years ago speaks out. (Archive)

Yadira Cabrales

Liz Shepherd (November 20, 2018). Goshen Woman Arrested For Strangling Female At Frog Tavern. (Archive)

Business: Frog Tavern