Sean G. Kelley

“Kelley was allegedly looking at a 14-year-old girl, the police report indicates.”

“The employee knocked on the door and ordered the man out. She said the man “said something about being in the bathroom because he was ‘gender specific.’”


Jessie Stensland (February 13, 2018). Man accused of voyeurism in Walmart bathroom. (Archive)

Also known as Sean Kelley, Sean Garrett Kelley

Man In Women’s Locker Room Cites Gender Rule

“Seattle Parks and Recreation has confirmed an adult male inappropriately used a female locker room at Evans Pool in Green Lake while a youth swim team used the facilities on Feb. 8”

jason Rantz (February 16, 2016). Man caught undressing in front of girls at Green Lake locker room. (Archive)

Alison Morrow (February 16, 2016). Man In Women’s Locker Room Cites Gender Rule. (Archive)