Logan Marie Guidry

“The report lists disturbing the peace, drunkenness, remaining at a forbidden location, “taking contraband to or from a correctional institution” and possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia as Guidry’s offenses.”


LaShayla Lumpkins (January 15, 2019). Transgender woman arrested for refusing to leave bus station bathroom. Thevermilion.com (Archive)

Also known as Logan Michael Guidry

What Happened at Woburn Target? Murky Bathroom Encounter Roils Question 3 Campaign

“At about 5:15 p.m. Tuesday, October 16, a 10-year-old girl went into the women’s bathroom at the Target in Woburn. An adult biological male who identifies as a woman went into the bathroom afterward.”

“According to Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, who says he has spoken with the girl’s father, the transgender adult banged on the door of the stall the girl was in.”

Matt McDonald (October 30, 2018). What Happened at Woburn Target? Murky Bathroom Encounter Roils Question 3 Campaign. Newbostonpost.com (Archive)

Women Accuse Poverello House Of Allowing Transgender Resident To Sexually Harass Them

“It was during these moments, the lawsuit says, when the transgender woman began making lewd comments to the women, specifically saying things about their breasts and other body features as the group was nude. Some of the women also caught her looking at them through cracks in the shower stalls and while they used the restroom.”

Rory Appleton (October 12, 2018). Women Accuse Poverello House Of Allowing Transgender Resident To Sexually Harass Them. Fresnobee.com (Archive)

Complaint Says Transgender Bathroom Policy Led To Kindergarten Assault

“The complaint says the girl, 5, was assaulted in a girls’ bathroom by a “gender fluid” boy last November.”

“The complaint, filed by Norcross attorney Vernadette Broyles under the federal Title IX law, says the City Schools of Decatur created a hostile environment for girls by “eliminating their expectation of privacy from the opposite sex.” It says the girl, who was a kindergartner at Oakhurst Elementary School, was pushed against a wall and her genitals were forcibly touched by a fellow student who had followed her to the bathroom.”

Ty Tagami (October 3, 2018). Complaint Says Transgender Bathroom Policy Led To Kindergarten Assault. Ajc.com

Isaiah Johnson

John Nickerson (June 8, 2011). Stamford transgender person charged with sexually assaulting minor. Stamfordadvocate.com (Archive)[1].

News Staff (June 8, 2011). Teen Coerced Into Food Court Bathroom for Sex: Cops. Nbcconnecticut.com (Archive)

Notable Quote: “Hohn said after meeting the youth just after 7 p.m. at Veterans Park on that April night, Johnson allegedly lured him into a men’s room at Stamford Town Center.”[1].

Robert Domasky

“Greensburg police say a 48-year-old cheerleader-obsessed transvestite intended to kidnap a Greensburg Salem cheerleader in September when he allegedly went into the high school purportedly to see a coach.”

Joe Napsha (May 10, 2012). City man’s secret life revealed after arrest. Triblive.com (Archive)

Joe Napsha (May 9, 2012). Transvestite wanted to kidnap cheerleader, police say. Triblive.com (Archive)

Joe Napsha (May 9, 2012). More charges filed in alleged kidnap attempt. Triblive.com (Archive)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (November 18, 2004). Greensburg man who photographed cheerleaders to be tried. Post-gazette.com (Archive)

Joe Napsha (September 24, 2004). Man accused of impersonating cheerleader to undergo mental evaluation. Triblive.com (Archive)

Eric Heyl (September 10, 2004). Cheerleading’s the wrong hobby for crossdresser. Triblive.com (Archive)

Also known as Robert Domasky, Debbie M. Anderson, Kelly Dawn Stein, Debbie Michelle Anderson

Patrick Hagan

Geoff Dougherty (September 25, 1999). Cross-dressing man sentenced for battery. Sptimes.com (Patrick Hagan) (Archive) (Sptimes.com Archive)

Sean Patrick Smith

Stephan Rockefeller (July 12, 2016) Transgender Woman Arrested For Voyeurism At Ammon Target. Eastidahonews.com (Archive)

Also known as Shauna Smith, Sean Smith, Shauna Patricia Smith