Hercules Transgender Teen Admits Making Up Story Of School Bathroom Assault

“HERCULES (CBS SF) — A transgender student at Hercules High School who reported being sexually assaulted in a school bathroom has admitted to making the story up, according to police.”

“Hercules Police said investigators were not able to substantiate the unidentified student’s claims, including the time frame of the incident and the lack of any injuries or marks on the student’s body.”


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Admin Note: In a December 24, 2018 story in the LGBT publication OUT attacking “bigots,” and with a theme of “making things up,” journalist Samantha Riedel, @SamusMcQueen incorrectly claims the Hercules High School attack on a transgender student in a school bathroom actually occurred. Riedel claims the student had to be hospitalized. Bathroom Incidents has asked for a retraction of the false information.

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Transgender Student ‘attacked And Sexually Assaulted In High School Bathroom’ Admits Story Was False

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