Jeremy Scott Godfirnon

“Fayetteville police arrested Godfirnon in March. Godfirnon hid an iPhone with the “Pocket Spy” app enabled in a restroom where he was installing light fixtures.”


Hicham Raache (January 11, 2019). Man Sentenced to Prison for Recording Employees Using the Restroom. (Archive)

Kate Jordan (March 30, 2018). Fayetteville Man Accused Of Filming Bank Employees In Restroom. (Archive)

Dale Steven Daniels

“Someone reported that Daniels was performing a sexual act while at the university’s Donaghey Student Center, authorities said.”

“When officers arrived, the man was found lying exposed in the sauna of a women’s locker room, the report noted.”

Brandon Riddle (March 29, 2018). Police: Man arrested after exposing himself in UALR women’s locker room. (Archive)

Andrew Lee Palmer

Hicham Raache (September 28, 2018). Homeless Springdale Man Raped Woman in Park Restroom, Police Say. (Archive)

Raymond Peraza-Ayuso

4029tv (February 1, 2018). Man accused of video voyeurism in Planet Fitness bathroom. (Archive)

Shane Jones

Field Walsh (December 1, 2017). Teacher confesses to videoing students in Trinity Christian School restroom. (Archive)

Jeff Easterling (November 27, 2017). Texarkana Police Arrest Man for Taking Photos of Boy in Bathroom. (Archive)

Also known as Shane Samuel Jones

Demitri Petty

Susan El Khoury (July 19, 2018). Man Accused of Watching Woman in Conway Bathroom. (Archive)

Aron Vincent Salmeri

Rachel Herzog (October 13, 2017). Arkansan accused of looking under stall at woman in fast-food restaurant bathroom. (Archive)

Region 8 Newsdesk (October 9, 2017). Police arrest suspected bathroom peeper. (Archive)

Also known as Aron V. Salmeri

Kennard Lombard

Cjoellison (October 5, 2017). Van Buren Teacher’s Aide Accused Of Video Voyeurism. (Archive)

Brandon G. Guillen

Tracy M. Neal (September 30, 2017). Bentonville man arrested on another sex charge. (Archive)

Tracy M. Neal (September 29, 2017). Bentonville man arrested for another sex crime. (Archive)

Tracy Neal (August 22, 2017). Bentonville man arrested in connection with sexual assault. (Archive)

News Staff (August 23, 2017). More Details Revealed in Bentonville Sex Assault Case. (Archive)

Business: Buttered Biscuit

Mark Aaron Smith

Dave Hughes (September 12, 2017). Former Arkansas teacher, coach accused of video-recording girls changing clothes in bathroom. (Archive)

Glenn M. Parrish (September 11, 2017). Booneville teacher/coach charged in school incident. (Archive)

Glenn M. Parrish (September 9, 2017). Teacher/Coach Formally Charged With Video Voyeurism. (Archive)