Dennis Begos

“Last May, a nurse at Winchester Hospital noticed an odd-looking clothes hook inside a staff restroom on the surgical unit. She inspected it more closely and saw a tiny lens embedded in the plastic. It turned out to be a hidden camera.”


CBS (January 18, 2019). Former Winchester Hospital Doctor Accused Of Hiding Camera In Bathroom. (Archive)

Liz Kowalczyk (January 18, 2019). Surgeon accused of trying to record staff in Winchester hospital restroom. (Archive)

Michael McDermott

“Police charged Michael Mcdermott, 21, of Tewksbury with three counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person, and one count of possession of a wiretap device.”

Liz Kowalczyk (January 18, 2019). Surgeon accused of trying to record staff in Winchester hospital restroom. (Archive)

Robert Mills (April 10, 2018). House arrest for Tewksbury man who allegedly put camera in Lahey bathroom. (Archive)

Leonard M. Muise

“A Gloucester man caught surreptitiously taking photos of co-workers in the men’s room at a Beverly insurance company in 2017 was sentenced to 18 months of probation Friday after admitting what he’d done.”

Julie Manganis (January 11, 2018). Potty peeper takes a plea. (Archive)

Julie Manganis (January 23, 2018). Man charged with secretly photographing co-worker. (Archive)

Also known as Leonard Muise

Business: Electric Insurance

Jared Anzelone

“According to court documents, when a juvenile employee at the Walmart in Bellingham went into a bathroom stall Tuesday, Anzelone allegedly slide part of his lower body under the wall from the neighboring stall to show the juvenile he was masturbating.”

John Moroney, Melissa Buja, Kaitlin McKinley Becker (May 24, 2018). Court Documents Reveal Disturbing Details of Teacher Accused of Indecent Exposure at Walmart. (Archive)

Jason Venne

“CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – A member of Barnes Air National Guard Base has been accused of taking secret “explicit” photos and videos of women in a locker room on base and in a Chicopee residence.”

Tamara Sacharczyk (December 8, 2017). Barnes Airman accused of taking secret photos of women in locker room on base. (Archive)

Ryan Anthony Perez

“Perez was initially charged in Somerville District Court with annoying and accosting a person sexually, and Photographing, Video-recording or Electronically Surveilling a Partially Nude or Nude Person.”

Chris Orchard, Patch Staff (November 22, 2011). Man Accused of Taking Secret Photos in Women’s Locker Room. (Archive)

Philip Chism

“Essex Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall argued that Chism, then 14, began his crime in the bathroom — strangling, raping, and stabbing his 24-year-old math teacher — but was interrupted when a student came into the bathroom.”

Maria Cramer (November 30, 2015). Official describes brutal injuries to Colleen Ritzer. (Archive)

Paul Shanley

“Father Paul Shanley, 71, was wanted on three counts of repeatedly raping a child. He will be held without bail in San Diego until Massachusetts officials take him back to the state where the alleged crimes occurred from 1983 to 1990.”

“Coakley said the priest allegedly had molested children in the bathroom, the rectory and the confessional of the church.”

Elizabeth Mehren, Tony Perry (May 04, 2002). Priest in Court in Abuse Case. (Archive)

Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald, 38, is facing criminal charges for taking photos of a male youth with a camera hidden in a middle school staff bathroom.

Brian Crandall (November 21, 2018). Bellingham teacher charged with recording student faces judge. (Archive)

Alex DiPrato (November 21, 2018). Police: Bellingham teacher used ‘elaborate’ plan to record boy using faculty bathroom. (Archive)

Marc Fortier (November 21, 2018). Bellingham Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Recording Student in Faculty Bathroom. (Archive)

Paul Leondike

“Police arrested 47-year-old Paul Leondike and charged him with 51 counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person.”

Malini Basu (October 11, 2018). DA: Man photographed other men in bathroom stalls at Cambridgeside Galleria. (Archive)