David Cash

“One year and four months ago, Jeremy Strohmeyer followed little 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson into a casino ladies’ room. His friend, David Cash, followed after them. There, Strohmeyer kidnapped, sexually assaulted and strangled Sherrice to death while Cash, according to his own testimony, watched the assault begin and then left without notifying authorities. Strohmeyer pleaded guilty to all the crimes, facing a lifetime in prison, and Cash remains at UC Berkeley. The disparate legal treatment of two young men who both appear so morally culpable has raised a lot passions, causing even a noted criminal defense attorney, Strohmeyer’s own Leslie Abramson, to call angrily for some retribution against Cash.”


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Jeremy Strohmeyer

“Her name is Sherrice Iverson, and she was 7 when she was lured from an arcade into a Primm casino restroom 20 years ago, forced into the largest stall, sexually assaulted and slowly strangled before her killer snapped her neck.”

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3 Students Cited Over Bathroom Sex Video At Las Vegas School

“School police have cited three Sunrise Mountain High School students after a video of two students having sex in a bathroom ended up online last week.”

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Steven Finnegan

“Finnegan, 32, is charged with sexual assault, first-degree kidnapping and murder in the death of 16-year-old Jessica Heaney, a Silverado High School student who was found dead on March 7, 1998, in a clubhouse restroom at the Arbor Court condominiums in Henderson. Heaney had been sodomized and strangled before being left face-down in a toilet.”

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Nicholas Donovan

“On Nov. 24, police said, a young boy was trapped in a Target restroom at Boca Park, 8750 W. Charleston Blvd. Police said a family was shopping at the store when a member of the family, a young boy, went into the restroom and stayed there “for some time,” according to the Metropolitan Police Department.”

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Marc Wheeler

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Jared Deflurin

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