Corey Krongard

“Police reports indicate that Krongard reported the alleged assault to have happened in the bathroom of the bar, but then later reported the incident occurred in the parking garage.”


Laurenne Ramsdell (August 6, 2011). Strafford woman charged with false report of sexual assault in Portsmouth. (Archive)

Matthew Elwell

“The investigation revealed that a hidden camera disguised as a digital clock had been left on top of a toilet tank by Matthew Elwell in an employee bathroom on June 17, according to police.”

WGME (July 13, 2016). Man accused of hiding camera in Dover bathroom. (Archive)

Yanai Liberman

Breanna Edelstein (June 4, 2018). Man accused of secretly taping men, women in CrossFit bathroom. (Archive)

Jacqueline Capello

Brian Early (June 5, 2017). School District refutes videotaping bathroom allegation. (Archive)

Brian Early (May 23, 2017). Capello denies videotaping boy in bathroom. (Archive)

Brian Early (April 7, 2017). Suit filed over Farmington school bathroom taping. (Archive)

Kyle Peter Bostock

Staff Reports (June 5, 2017). Police logs. (Archive)

News Staff (May 16, 2017). Police: Man accused of raping, imprisoning teen in NH health club locker room. (Archive)

Also known as Kyle Bostock