Robert Jay Audia

“GROVE CITY — Police have accused a former Grove City College employee of videotaping students, including members of the football team, during a two-year period in the men’s locker room at the school.”

“Robert Jay Audia, 29, of Morgantown, W.Va., was charged Tuesday by Grove City police with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography, tampering with evidence, and 94 counts of invasion of privacy, according to court documents filed in the case.”


Jennifer Rodriguez (January 14, 2019). Former Grove City College employee accused of filming students naked pleads guilty. (Archive)

Monica Pryts (June 1, 2018). Man caught with videos from GCC locker room. (Archive)

Also known as Robert Audia

David Allexander Oris

“In addition, while searching Oris’ online cache of videos and photographs, police uncovered three photos of a man “in a state of full nudity” while getting out of a shower in the locker room at Gold’s Gym in Manchester, documents state”

Ted Czech (December 9, 2018). Accused voyeur filmed unsuspecting gym members, posted on Tumblr, police say. (Archive)

Business: Gold’s Gym

Nicholas R. Traill

“A 32-year-old Irwin man was arrested this week for allegedly hiding a motion-activated video camera inside a women’s restroom of the North Huntingdon electrical parts manufacturing plant where he worked.”

Paul Pierce (January 8, 2019). Man accused of hiding video camera inside women’s room at North Huntingdon plant. (Archive)

Ross Guidotti (January 8, 2019). Police: Man Hid Motion Activated Camera In Women’s Bathroom Inside Factory He Worked At. (Archive)

Business: Cleaveland/Price Inc./Cleaveland Price Manufacturing

Also known as Nick Traill, Nicholas Traill

Police: Man Recorded Girl, Woman In Changing Room

“DICKSON CITY, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Police in Lackawanna County need your help to identify a man who’s accused of recording video in a changing room, where a teenage girl and a woman in her 20s were getting undressed.”

Kelly Choate (November 12, 2018). Police: Man Recorded Girl, Woman In Changing Room. (Archive)

Jordan Hill

“The 17-year-old told police he went to the locker room to shower and change after a workout when he saw a cell phone propped up beside the sink with the built-in camera pointing toward him. When the teen picked up the phone, he saw it had been recording for several minutes.”

“The teen told police Jordan Hill, 29, then went into the locker room, grabbed the phone out of his hands and told the teen it was his.”

Nick Matoney (July 19, 2018). New court date for man recording teen in Bethel Park YMCA locker room. (Archive)

Also known as Jordan David Todd Hill

Sean Moses

“Sean Moses allegedly liked to record video of girls and women at the beach and sports events. He also did it secretly in store dressing rooms and homes – even of women in bed with him, police say.”

Mari A. Schaefer (March 3, 2015). Narberth man arrested for secretly filming women. (Archive)

Jacob Morris Shultz

“A Gettysburg Borough man was charged after he allegedly took photos of several women in a Wal-Mart dressing room, including a 9-year-old girl.”

Kaitlin Greenockle (May 8, 2017). Man took photos in dressing room, pleads guilty. (Archive)

Police: Criminal Charges Pending In Altercation At Chartiers Valley High School Where Student Wearing Hijab Was Attacked

“A minute-long video shows a girl trying to avoid being punched while she is wearing what appears to be a hijab, a head covering worn by some Muslim women. She was treated later for a concussion and severe bruising, said Alexis Work, 18, a Chartiers Valley senior who reported speaking with the girl.”

WTAE (December 21, 2018). Collier Township police file charges after bathroom fight at Chartiers Valley High School. (Archive)

Adam Smeltz (December 17, 2018). Police: Criminal Charges Pending In Altercation At Chartiers Valley High School Where Student Wearing Hijab Was Attacked. (Archive)

Police Investigating Plum Coach’s Alleged Assault Of Player

“One of the coaches became angry and told the boy to turn in his uniform, Shrager said. After the boy exchanged words with the coach, the coach allegedly slammed the boy against a wall in the locker room and grabbed him around the neck. Other coaches pulled the man off the teen, Shrager said.”

Theresa Clift (October 1, 2018). Police Investigating Plum Coach’s Alleged Assault Of Player. (Archive)

James Thomas Shoemaker

“LANCASTER, Pa. –A Quarryville man is accused of taking pictures of a 10 year-old girl using the bathroom. It happened last Thursday at the Sheetz located at 1180 Manheim Pike around 9:55pm.”

FOX43 (April 18, 2016). Quarryville man accused of using phone to look at 10-year-old girl in Sheetz restroom. (Archive)