Craig E. Talmadge

“King County prosecutors say the defendant, Craig E. Talmadge, “camped out in a stall for over 20 minutes” and showed pornographic pictures on his Samsung Galaxy S6 to the boy in a neighboring stall on Jan. 8.”


Alex Halverson (January 16, 2019). Charges: Man showed 10-year-old nude images in Fred Meyer bathroom. (Archive)

Yelm Police: Police Arrest Man For Gym Exposure

“Police were dispatched to Anytime Fitness on Jan. 5 after several people reported a man was in the gym high on drugs and taking off his clothes. Officers found the man fully clothed and sitting down when they arrived, however others reported the man had entered the woman’s locker room, grabbed towels then sat down on a couch and began to masturbate.”

Staff Reports (January 10, 2019). Yelm Police: Police Arrest Man For Gym Exposure. (Archive)

Sean G. Kelley

“Kelley was allegedly looking at a 14-year-old girl, the police report indicates.”

“The employee knocked on the door and ordered the man out. She said the man “said something about being in the bathroom because he was ‘gender specific.’”

Jessie Stensland (February 13, 2018). Man accused of voyeurism in Walmart bathroom. (Archive)

Also known as Sean Kelley, Sean Garrett Kelley

David Wingard

“BELLEVUE, Wash. – A 23-year-old man was arrested after a woman said she discovered him holding a phone under a curtain at a Bellevue swim club as she and her 7-year-old daughter showered.”

KIRO 7 News Staff (April 24, 2018). Police: Man found spying on woman, 7-year-old daughter in swim club shower. (Archive)

Efrain Ramirez-Ventura

“A 31-year-old man is accused of taking video of a woman and her 12-year-old daughter as they tried on clothes Friday at a clothing store, according to the Olympia Police Department.”

“The incident took place at Forever 21, a store at Capital Mall in west Olympia.”

Amelia Dickson, Rolf Boone (November 27, 2017). ‘I’m a guy, man, so this kind of stuff happens,’ says alleged dressing room filmer. (Archive)

David Cameron

John Discepolo (February 1, 2012). Alleged gym voyeur accused of taking photos of naked women. (Archive)

Meghan Miller

“Miller would normally meet the girl at night in city parks, but also had sexual encounters with the girl in Miller’s office and the high-school locker room, the charges say.”

Sara Jean Green (December 21, 2018). Ballard High School assistant soccer coach arrested on charges of molesting student. (Archive)

James Walter Lent

“Accused Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament Lent , a SSS brother, was on leave from position as elementary school teacher for Cleveland diocese and was studying at Gonzaga Univ when he was arrested in Spokane 5/94 after 13 yr old boy accused him of performing oral sex on the boy in a mall restroom and giving him $20. Released on bail posted by Order. Committed suicide 5/29/94 before he could be arraigned.”

Brandia (January 19, 2016). Catholic Church Throws it’s Victims a Bone. (Archive)

Paul Vevik

“Vevik, now at Mary Queen Parish in Spokane, told Cronin he doesn’t even recognize the name of his accuser and denies the allegation that he assaulted a person in a restroom of Our Lady of Lourdes Cathedral in 1978.”

John Stucke (May 5, 2007). Full disclosure unlikely: Diocese, parties agree to secrecy. (Archive)

Man In Women’s Locker Room Cites Gender Rule

“Seattle Parks and Recreation has confirmed an adult male inappropriately used a female locker room at Evans Pool in Green Lake while a youth swim team used the facilities on Feb. 8”

jason Rantz (February 16, 2016). Man caught undressing in front of girls at Green Lake locker room. (Archive)

Alison Morrow (February 16, 2016). Man In Women’s Locker Room Cites Gender Rule. (Archive)