Thomas Close

“The Cyber Crimes center reportedly alerted Homeland Security agents of videos taken of underage boys changing before or after swimming at the YMCA in Sandusky, who sometimes rents their pool to the Boy Scouts.”


Natasha Anderson, Adrienne Dipiazza (November 2, 2018). Boy Scout official arrested, charged with child pornography after allegedly recording children changing. (Archive)

Allen Han-Kit Zse

“The 25-year old is charged with recording eight videos of undressed women and girls at Hartman Pool on Northeast 104th Street in Redmond, where Zse worked as head lifeguard until his arrest in early September.”

Amy Clancy (November 1, 2016). Police & prosecutors concerned by growing cases of voyeurism. (Archive) (Archive)

Anderson Lee

Whitney Bashaw (June 13, 2018). Ex-Bassett nurse indicted for illicit videos. (Archive)