Andres Lazaro Lopez

“According to a search warrant affidavit filed by an Oregon State Police investigator, Lopez is accused of using a pencil-sized hole in a bathroom stall to watch a man who was masturbating and videotaping the man without his consent by using his cellphone.”


Bennett Hall (January 15, 2019). OSU employee charged with invasion of privacy. (Archive)[1]

Notable Quote: “Cruising has sprung up as one way that gay men can engage in consensual sex interactions while attempting to avoid social and criminal judgement for those innately human acts,” Hunking wrote in an email to the newspaper.”[1]

Creeper Who Tried To Grab Millbrae Student In Boys Bathroom On The Loose

“Authorities are investigating after a male suspect who reportedly tried to grab a boy inside the bathroom of a Millbrae school is on the loose.”

Alexa Mae Asperin (January 1, 2019). Creeper Who Tried To Grab Millbrae Student In Boys Bathroom On The Loose. (Archive)

BPD: Teen Accused Of Recording Boys In Locker Room And Bathroom Arrested

Kelly Broderick , Suzanne Rodriguez (January 7, 2019). BPD: Teen Accused Of Recording Boys In Locker Room And Bathroom Arrested. (Archive)

Mother Suing Over Rape At School

“The girl told police she had been searching for an administrator to sign a tardy slip when she was dragged into the boys bathroom and attacked.”

The Associated Press (March 18, 2004). Mother Suing Over Rape At School. (Archive)

Billy Morrison

“A Levy County School Board member and banker has been arrested and charged with lewdness following an alleged incident in a men’s restroom at Santa Fe College.”

Karen Voyles (October 18, 2008). Levy School Board member charged with exposing himself. (Archive)

Also known as Billey Ray Morrison

Mark Tenneson

“University officials said the incident happened in a men’s room Sunday.”

“They said the man was 55-year-old Mark Tenneson made unlawful sexual contact with the individual and has not been seen since.”

Zach Blanchard (October 3, 2017). UMaine police search for suspect in alleged sexual assault. (Archive)

Ernesto Jason Higuera

“LONG BEACH, CA (FOX 11) – A pre-school teacher at California State University Long Beach has been arrested on suspicion of secretly videotaping someone in a campus bathroom.”

“Police took 38-year-old Ernesto Jason Higuera of Long Beach into custody on suspicion of invasion of privacy by videotaping or photographing in a public restroom.”

Jeremiah Dobruck (December 21, 2018). Preschool teacher filmed at least 3 people in CSULB restroom, police allege. (Archive)

FOX 11 (December 11, 2018). CSU Long Beach pre-school teacher accused of secretly recording in bathroom. (Archive)

Jeremiah Dobruck (December 9, 2018). Preschool teacher arrested on suspicion of spying in CSULB restroom. (Archive)

Also known as Ernesto Higuera

Fights At Several TN Valley Schools End With Arrests

“A fight Thursday at Heritage High School ended with a student needing 23 stitches.”

WRCB Staff (December 14, 2018). Fights At Several TN Valley Schools End With Arrests. (Archive)

Aldron James Adams

Mike Gangloff (December 6, 2018). Year in jail ends bathroom phone-pic case. (Archive)

Mike Gangloff (November 18, 2017). Man arrested after taking photo in Virginia Tech restroom. (Archive)

Ryan C. Fortenbaugh

“Ryan C. Fortenbaugh, 35, is charged with assault and is on administrative leave from Loudoun County Public Schools, according to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s.”

ABC7 (October 3, 2018). Dean at alternative middle school in Leesburg accused of assaulting student in bathroom. (Archive)