Robert Jay Audia

“GROVE CITY — Police have accused a former Grove City College employee of videotaping students, including members of the football team, during a two-year period in the men’s locker room at the school.”

“Robert Jay Audia, 29, of Morgantown, W.Va., was charged Tuesday by Grove City police with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography, tampering with evidence, and 94 counts of invasion of privacy, according to court documents filed in the case.”


Jennifer Rodriguez (January 14, 2019). Former Grove City College employee accused of filming students naked pleads guilty. (Archive)

Monica Pryts (June 1, 2018). Man caught with videos from GCC locker room. (Archive)

Also known as Robert Audia

BPD: Teen Accused Of Recording Boys In Locker Room And Bathroom Arrested

Kelly Broderick , Suzanne Rodriguez (January 7, 2019). BPD: Teen Accused Of Recording Boys In Locker Room And Bathroom Arrested. (Archive)

Rashawn L. Smith

“Smith’s victim, now 17, testified in May that she and Smith were alone in the boys’ locker room of the Dunnellon High School gym on Dec. 12, 2001, when Smith sexually assaulted her with his fingers.”

Rick Cundiff (July 22, 2004). Ex-teacher to serve time for sex assault. (Archive)

Zachary Patrick Roberts

“BLUE EARTH — A former Janesville basketball coach and choir teacher is facing numerous felony charges after police say he used a disguised camera to film naked boys in a locker room.”

Leah Buletti (June 27, 2016). Former Janesville basketball coach charged in locker room filming. (Archive)

Jason A. Gahan

“The incident in question took place Feb. 26, when a physical education teacher found two boys in a locker room, one with his pants pulled down and the other with his pants unzipped, according to the complaint.”

Nicole Aimone (July 6, 2018). Waukesha School District administrator didn’t report student’s sexual assault, complaint says. (Archive)

Grand Blanc Township Police Investigating Incident In Football Locker Room

ABC12 News Team (October 29, 2018). Grand Blanc, Carman-Ainsworth students facing charges after locker room incidents. (Archive)

Ann Pierret (September 25, 2018). Grand Blanc Township Police Investigating Incident In Football Locker Room. (Archive)

Daniel Joseph Rogers

“He found the above mentioned boys attractive and would hide within the boys’ bathroom/locker room waiting for the individuals to enter the bathroom and while hiding in a bathroom stall he would lay his Apple device on the ground to obtain multiple photos/videos of the individuals,’’ Glover wrote in a search warrant affidavit.”

John Hogan (June 30, 2016). Rockford teen gets probation for secret locker room recordings. (Archive)

Joey Ferrall Fish

“Joey Ferrall Fish, 18, of Taylor, has been charged with sexual assault, assault-intent to injure and kidnapping. Police said the alleged incident between Fish and another student took place last month in the locker room at Snowflake High School.”

Mike Leiby (December 15, 2017). Snowflake High School student arrested for sexual assault of fellow classmate in locker room. (Archive)

Justin Hobbie

“The reason the 175 people were there was to try and learn whether anything untoward had occurred at the school revolving around Justin Hobbie, the 13-year phys-ed teacher and coach arrested last Friday. He was charged with receiving and distributing child pornography, some of it allegedly showing sexual acts between men and girls ranging from age 12 to as young as 3.”

Jim Kevlin (December 13, 2018). Community Told Child-Porn Arrest Just Tip Of Iceberg. (Archive)

Erin Jerome (December 12, 2018). CCS hosts talk on teacher’s child porn arrest. (Archive)

Erin Jerome (December 10, 2018). Teacher’s arrest leaves Coop community stunned, angry. (Archive)

Alleged Hazing Attack By High School Football Team Caught On Camera

“Fourteen-year-old Rodney Kim Jr. suffered a broken arm, busted lip and bruises on his back in the incident that occurred Friday afternoon at Davidson High School, in Mobile, Alabama, his parents told ABC News. The freshman quarterback required surgery on his broken arm.”

Stephanie Wash (May 3, 2018). Alleged Hazing Attack By High School Football Team Caught On Camera. (Archive)