Kelly Cross

“At issue is an incident that occurred in a Washington, D.C. gym in 2009. According to documents in the case, Cross was accused of videotaping a man who was undressing in the gym’s dressing area. Cross says that the gym was known as a place for cruising, and that he had made arrangements with a man via Craigslist to meet with him in the bathroom for sex, alluding to his interest in filming the encounter. Cross says he filmed the man undressing and in a bathroom stall, assuming this was the person he had arranged to meet on Craigslist. However, the victim told police that he didn’t know Cross and was simply changing his clothes and using the toilet—and then discovered that Cross was surreptitiously filming him.”


Lisa Snowden-McCray (April 4, 2016). Illegal fliers bring up City Council candidate Kelly Cross’ past. (Archive)

Jonathan R. Tung, Esq. (August 3, 2016). Peeping Tom Lawyer Faces Disbarment. Is the System Rigged?. (Archive)

Rodolfo Delgadill Cruz

“A 47-year-old Whittier man was arrested after allegedly groping a male juvenile as he went to take a shower at a 24 Hour Fitness Gym in Arcadia, police said.”

Tracy Bloom (March 30, 2017). 47-Year-Old Man Arrested After Allegedly Molesting Boy at 24 Hour Fitness in Arcadia: Police. (Archive)

Business: 24 Hour Fitness

David Allexander Oris

“In addition, while searching Oris’ online cache of videos and photographs, police uncovered three photos of a man “in a state of full nudity” while getting out of a shower in the locker room at Gold’s Gym in Manchester, documents state”

Ted Czech (December 9, 2018). Accused voyeur filmed unsuspecting gym members, posted on Tumblr, police say. (Archive)

Business: Gold’s Gym

Le’George Gray

“The assault resulted in injuries so severe that he had to be taken to a Dallas hospital for treatment, yet no one from Palestine High School called 911.”

Staff Reports (January 7, 2019). Trial set in locker room assault. (Archive)

Brionna Rivers (October 4, 2018). Student speaks out one year after being badly beaten in locker room. (Archive)

Also known as LeGeorge Gray

Teen Charged With Assault In Locker Room Incident

“The 15-year-old ended up being hospitalized with serious head injuries, although police said he was later released.”

Luke Hagen (December 27, 2018). City looks into hockey locker room incident as players, coaches suspended. (Archive)

Katie Nelson (December 24, 2018). Teen Charged With Assault In Locker Room Incident. (Archive)

Matthew David Kuppe

“(JTA) — A counselor at a JCC day camp in suburban Detroit was charged with producing child pornography after allegedly filming prepubescent boys in the JCC locker room and sharing the photos online.”

Kat Stafford (August 13, 2015). West Bloomfield day camp aide charged with child porn. (Archive)

JTA (August 13, 2015). Detroit JCC camp counselor charged with filming naked boys in locker room. (Archive)

Jordan Hill

“The 17-year-old told police he went to the locker room to shower and change after a workout when he saw a cell phone propped up beside the sink with the built-in camera pointing toward him. When the teen picked up the phone, he saw it had been recording for several minutes.”

“The teen told police Jordan Hill, 29, then went into the locker room, grabbed the phone out of his hands and told the teen it was his.”

Nick Matoney (July 19, 2018). New court date for man recording teen in Bethel Park YMCA locker room. (Archive)

Also known as Jordan David Todd Hill

Leonidas Torres-Cabrera

“FAIRFIELD – A Naugatuck construction worker, accused of secretly photographing men in the locker rooms at YMCAs in Waterbury and Southington, has been charged with taking video of a police officer dressing in the YMCA here.”

Daniel Tepfer (May 1, 2018). Man charged with secretly recording cop in locker room. (Archive)

Police: Suspects Who Took Photos Of Naked Patrons In Boyds Locker Room Sought

“According to police, an investigation revealed that the suspects – one black male and three black females – were being disorderly and photographing naked patrons as they changed clothes in the men’s locker room. The black male was allegedly encouraging the females to stay in the men’s locker room.”

ABC7 (July 28, 2018). Police: Suspects Who Took Photos Of Naked Patrons In Boyds Locker Room Sought. (Archive)

Location: South Germantown Indoor Swim Center in Boyds

Man Suspected Of Taking Photos Of Others In Gym Locker Room: Lyndhurst Police Blotter

Andy Attina (January 21, 2016). Man Suspected Of Taking Photos Of Others In Gym Locker Room: Lyndhurst Police Blotter. (Archive)