Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald, 38, is facing criminal charges for taking photos of a male youth with a camera hidden in a middle school staff bathroom.


Brian Crandall (November 21, 2018). Bellingham teacher charged with recording student faces judge. (Archive)

Alex DiPrato (November 21, 2018). Police: Bellingham teacher used ‘elaborate’ plan to record boy using faculty bathroom. (Archive)

Marc Fortier (November 21, 2018). Bellingham Teacher Arrested for Allegedly Recording Student in Faculty Bathroom. (Archive)

Kreg M. Peterson

“A teacher with the Special Education District of Lake County has been placed on administrative leave after police filed criminal charges against him this week for allegedly hiding a wireless video camera in the ceiling of a faculty bathroom at a Barrington elementary school last year.”

Jerry Lawrence (May 25, 2002). Teacher charged in hidden-camera case. (Archive)

David Bemis

Staff Reports (June 7, 2018). Clear Lake school janitor to be sentenced in bathroom hidden camera case. (Archive)

Also known as David Joe Bemis

Jorge Diaz

Liset Márquez (December 9, 2017). Night janitor at Rancho Cucamonga grade school suspected of using cellphone to record inside faculty restroom. (Archive)

Toney Waddell Feaster

Jeff Reeves (October 12, 2017). Custodian placed recording device in Lee County school bathroom, sheriff says. (Archive)

Jacqueline Capello

Brian Early (June 5, 2017). School District refutes videotaping bathroom allegation. (Archive)

Brian Early (May 23, 2017). Capello denies videotaping boy in bathroom. (Archive)

Brian Early (April 7, 2017). Suit filed over Farmington school bathroom taping. (Archive)

Terrance P. Hoctor

Ngoc Huynh (May 24, 2017). Girls turned in Upstate NY teacher after alleged bathroom filming. (Archive)

Gary Craig (May 23, 2017). Details emerge: Girls turned in Webster teacher after alleged bathroom filming. (Archive)