Matthew James Ludwick

“31-year-old Matthew James Ludwick of Virginia Beach has been charged with Felony, Attempt to Create Unlawful Image of A Minor and Misdemeanor Attempt to Create Unlawful Image of Another.”


Doris Taylor, Reed Andrews (September 16, 2014). UPDATE: Beach rec center worker arrested over secret camera found in employees’ locker room. (Archive)

Arturo Montano

“A Burbank lifeguard was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of recording women and an underage girl in an employee locker room and public restroom at a pool, police said.”

Melissa Wen (June 22, 2016). Lifeguard Accused of Secretly Recording Women, Girl in Pool Locker Room. (Archive)

Jeremiah Jordan Hiebert

“Two co-workers alerted police in mid-January after noticing a pair of swim trucks hanging on the wall in the changing room. The trunks had a hole in a side pocket where a cellphone had been positioned so the camera lens had a view of the changing area. The phone belonged to Hiebert, according to the affidavit.”

Tom Steele (September 24, 2018). Allen man faces charges of secretly recording co-workers in gym’s changing room. (Archive)

Location: Metroplex Gymnastics and Swim

Seth Walle

Rachel Glaser (August 8, 2018). Man arraigned on charges of secretly recording women and girls in South Haven restaurant. (Archive) (Archive)[1].

Notable Quote: “The criminal complaint against Walle lists 15 alleged victims, including two minors. According to court documents, one of the minors is captured on camera nude and another in her underwear. Felony charges related to those two victims are sex offenses because of the victims’ ages.”[1].

Business: Clementine’s