Logan Marie Guidry

“The report lists disturbing the peace, drunkenness, remaining at a forbidden location, “taking contraband to or from a correctional institution” and possession of narcotics and drug paraphernalia as Guidry’s offenses.”


LaShayla Lumpkins (January 15, 2019). Transgender woman arrested for refusing to leave bus station bathroom. Thevermilion.com (Archive)

Also known as Logan Michael Guidry

Anthony Zaragoza

“He testified that Zaragoza molested him in a bathroom at the Montebello transit station, the boys’ home in Pico Rivera, a U-Haul lock-up and a Motel 6 in Whittier.”

Richard Winton (January 12, 2002). Bus Driver Faces 11 Additional Counts. Latimes.com (Archive)

NYC Mugger In Leopard-Print Jacket Stalked Her Prey In Subway Bathroom: Cops

“A woman dressed in a hooded leopard jacket and pink leggings under her torn blue jeans is being sought for a lower Manhattan subway bathroom attack, police said Friday.”

Rocco Parascandola (December 1, 2018). NYC Mugger In Leopard-Print Jacket Stalked Her Prey In Subway Bathroom: Cops. Nydailynews.com (Archive)

Samuel Rodriguez

“Brown said Rodriguez told authorities, “I was trying to video pretty girls.”

Robert Pozarycki (December 21, 2018). Alleged creep from College Point planted cellphone in airport bathroom to video women: DA. Qns.com (Archive)

Eyewitness News (December 20, 2018). LaGuardia Airport worker charged with using cell phone to record woman in bathroom. Abc7ny.com (Archive)

Steven Flynn

“Officials responded to a report of a male masturbating in the men’s restroom around 5:30 p.m. Friday. Officials found the man, identified as 49-year-old Steven Flynn of Jamaica Plain, in the restroom with the stall door open and his pants off.”

Maxine Giza (October 18, 2014). Level 2 Sex Offender Arrested in Back Bay Station Bathroom. Nbcboston.com (Archive)

Joshua Gitlin

“Thirty-five-year-old Joshua Gitlin hung his head in court on Friday as a victims’ advocate from the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center read a statement that was written by the mother of an 8-year old boy Gitlin recorded using the toilet.”

Amy Clancy (March 31, 2017). Man who videotaped boy using Sea-Tac bathroom will register as sex offender. Kiro7.com (Archive)

James Hunter

Kirk Mitchell (June 4, 2018). Three security guards charged in bathroom beating of man at Denver Union Station. Thedenverchannel.com (Archive)

Robert Garrison (May 30, 2018). RTD security guard arrested for allegedly assaulting man inside Union Station bathroom. Thedenverchannel.com (Archive)

Also known as James “Drake” Hunter

Also arrested: Victor Diaz, Taylor Taggert

Taha Hamid

WHDH (August 20, 2016). MBTA police arrest man for exposing himself in women’s bathroom. Whdh.com (Archive)

Francisco Andrade

Maura Yates (June 3, 2010). Staten Island Ferry passenger accused of reaching under stall, touching teen in restroom. Silive.com (Archive)

Nicholas Williams

Alison Grande (July 23, 2018). Southwest Airlines employee arrested for voyeurism at Sea-Tac Airport. Kiro7.com (Archive)