Aristeo Mancia

“The parents of a boy who was photographed by a Wal-Mart employee using the restroom at the South Gate store in 2017 reached a settlement with the retail store chain, court papers obtained Tuesday show.”


Contributing Editor (January 15, 2019). Family Settles With Retail Giant Over Clandestine Photos. (Archive)

Cory Clinton

“In the felony case, Clinton is accused of using a cell phone to photograph an 8-year-old girl while she was in a changing room at a Tomball-area Walmart.”

Roy Kent (January 10, 2019). Man arrested for road rage incident also allegedly filmed 8-year-old in dressing room. (Archive)

Claremore Police Say Boy Accused Man Of Peeping At Walmart

“CLAREMORE, Oklahoma – Claremore police are sending an alert to parents after a boy said he was spied on in a public bathroom. The teen said a man stuck his cell phone underneath the stall at Walmart.”

Jonathan Cooper (January 9, 2019). Claremore Police Say Boy Accused Man Of Peeping At Walmart. (Archive)

Alexander R. Clary

“A Morriston man charged with exposing himself to a 12-year-old boy in a Walmart bathroom earlier this month was denied his request for a lower bail Wednesday.”

Vishal Persaud (February 27, 2013). No bond reduction for Morriston man accused of exposing himself at Walmart. (Archive)

Maximo Deherrera

“A man charged with video voyeurism after snapping a cellphone picture of a 10-year-old boy inside a store restroom will now be labeled a sex offender, but will serve no jail time for the crime.”

April Warren (January 13, 2014). Man, 64, pleads guilty to video voyeurism, took photo of boy in restroom. (Archive)

Sean G. Kelley

“Kelley was allegedly looking at a 14-year-old girl, the police report indicates.”

“The employee knocked on the door and ordered the man out. She said the man “said something about being in the bathroom because he was ‘gender specific.’”

Jessie Stensland (February 13, 2018). Man accused of voyeurism in Walmart bathroom. (Archive)

Also known as Sean Kelley, Sean Garrett Kelley

Marc Alberi

“Investigators said Alberi used his cellphone camera to take photos of an 11-year-old boy in the bathroom at the Walmart in Palmyra on Sunday.”

Craig Smith (September 9, 2014). Convicted sex offender accused of taking pictures of boy in bathroom. (Archive)

Jared Anzelone

“According to court documents, when a juvenile employee at the Walmart in Bellingham went into a bathroom stall Tuesday, Anzelone allegedly slide part of his lower body under the wall from the neighboring stall to show the juvenile he was masturbating.”

John Moroney, Melissa Buja, Kaitlin McKinley Becker (May 24, 2018). Court Documents Reveal Disturbing Details of Teacher Accused of Indecent Exposure at Walmart. (Archive)

Jacob Morris Shultz

“A Gettysburg Borough man was charged after he allegedly took photos of several women in a Wal-Mart dressing room, including a 9-year-old girl.”

Kaitlin Greenockle (May 8, 2017). Man took photos in dressing room, pleads guilty. (Archive)

Police: 2 Charged With Assaulting Teen At Newport News Walmart

“NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Two teenagers are facing charges after a brawl in the bathroom of a Newport News Walmart left another teenager injured.”

WAVY News Staff (December 21, 2018). Police: 2 Charged With Assaulting Teen At Newport News Walmart. (Archive)

Arrested: Joshua Robinson, Christian Robinson