Andres Lazaro Lopez

“According to a search warrant affidavit filed by an Oregon State Police investigator, Lopez is accused of using a pencil-sized hole in a bathroom stall to watch a man who was masturbating and videotaping the man without his consent by using his cellphone.”


Bennett Hall (January 15, 2019). OSU employee charged with invasion of privacy. (Archive)[1]

Notable Quote: “Cruising has sprung up as one way that gay men can engage in consensual sex interactions while attempting to avoid social and criminal judgement for those innately human acts,” Hunking wrote in an email to the newspaper.”[1]

Robert Jay Audia

“GROVE CITY — Police have accused a former Grove City College employee of videotaping students, including members of the football team, during a two-year period in the men’s locker room at the school.”

“Robert Jay Audia, 29, of Morgantown, W.Va., was charged Tuesday by Grove City police with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography, tampering with evidence, and 94 counts of invasion of privacy, according to court documents filed in the case.”

Jennifer Rodriguez (January 14, 2019). Former Grove City College employee accused of filming students naked pleads guilty. (Archive)

Monica Pryts (June 1, 2018). Man caught with videos from GCC locker room. (Archive)

Also known as Robert Audia

Anthony Ray Sunford

“OGDEN — An Ogden man charged with voyeurism for allegedly entering women’s bathrooms at Weber State University with his cellphone is a convicted sex offender, police say.”

Pat Reavy (January 10, 2019). Voyeurism charges: Utah man entered WSU women’s bathrooms with cellphone. (Archive)

Christopher Washington

“Christopher Washington, president of Fresno City College Associated Student Government, and two female students were found in a women’s bathroom stall on campus at about 6:30 p.m. Monday after campus police were called, according to an incident report sent to State Center Community College District officials.”

Ashleigh Panoo (January 8, 2019). Ex-student body president sentenced in drunken bathroom sex case involving minor. (Archive)

Alyssa Hodenfield (October 16, 2018). Fresno City College student body president arrested after alleged sex with teen on campus. (Archive)

Billy Morrison

“A Levy County School Board member and banker has been arrested and charged with lewdness following an alleged incident in a men’s restroom at Santa Fe College.”

Karen Voyles (October 18, 2008). Levy School Board member charged with exposing himself. (Archive)

Also known as Billey Ray Morrison

Investigation Underway After Device With Camera Lens Found In Women’s Locker Room At Bates

“LEWISTON (WGME) – An investigation is underway after a suspicious device, with some type of camera lens on it, was found in the women’s locker room at Bates College.”

WGME (December 31, 2018). Investigation Underway After Device With Camera Lens Found In Women’s Locker Room At Bates. (Archive)

Charles Ray Devoe Jr.

“While he could not isolate Devoe as the only possible source of the semen, Montagna’s findings supported the victim’s earlier testimony that Devoe had forced his way into a bathroom stall she was using and completed a sexual act against her will.”

Paul Sylvain, BDN Staff (March 11, 1993). Testimony by chemist implicates man in rape case. (Archive)

Christian Averill

“In that case, the female student was leaving the bathroom in a residential hall when a young man whom she had never seen before approached her. She told police the man grabbed her arms, lodged some type of weapon against her neck and pushed her back into the bathroom, where he raped her.”

The Associated Press (June 1, 2002). Man accused of Bates College rape charged in 2nd sexual assault case. (Archive)

Mark Tenneson

“University officials said the incident happened in a men’s room Sunday.”

“They said the man was 55-year-old Mark Tenneson made unlawful sexual contact with the individual and has not been seen since.”

Zach Blanchard (October 3, 2017). UMaine police search for suspect in alleged sexual assault. (Archive)

Asad Abu Mohamed

“When Minneapolis police arrived to take Mohamed into custody, an officer pat-frisked him for weapons. Mohamed told the officer to “f— off” and “I’ll rape you too.”

Anthony Brousseau (June 8, 2018). Man Who Pleaded Guilty in MCTC Assault Sentenced to More Than 2 Years. (Archive)

FOX 9 (March 5, 2018). Charges: Man crawled into woman’s bathroom stall on MCTC campus. (Archive)