Nicolas Lhermine

“The 7-year-old girl testified that Lhermine told her she had something green stuck on her tongue, took her into a bathroom, told her to close her eyes and assaulted her.”


Marianne Favro (August 18, 2014). Victims Testify Against Former YMCA Worker Accused of Sexual Abuse. (Archive)

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Also known as Nicolas Andre Lhermine

Jordan Hill

“The 17-year-old told police he went to the locker room to shower and change after a workout when he saw a cell phone propped up beside the sink with the built-in camera pointing toward him. When the teen picked up the phone, he saw it had been recording for several minutes.”

“The teen told police Jordan Hill, 29, then went into the locker room, grabbed the phone out of his hands and told the teen it was his.”

Nick Matoney (July 19, 2018). New court date for man recording teen in Bethel Park YMCA locker room. (Archive)

Also known as Jordan David Todd Hill

Gurkaran Singh

“The employee, 21-year-old Gurkaran Singh, was arrested Friday on two counts of surveillance of an unclothed person and two counts of using a computer to commit a crime, according to the Portage Department of Public Safety.”

Michael Oszust (December 20, 2016). YMCA employee accused of recording women in shower. (Archive)

Leonidas Torres-Cabrera

“FAIRFIELD – A Naugatuck construction worker, accused of secretly photographing men in the locker rooms at YMCAs in Waterbury and Southington, has been charged with taking video of a police officer dressing in the YMCA here.”

Daniel Tepfer (May 1, 2018). Man charged with secretly recording cop in locker room. (Archive)

Ryan Anthony Perez

“Perez was initially charged in Somerville District Court with annoying and accosting a person sexually, and Photographing, Video-recording or Electronically Surveilling a Partially Nude or Nude Person.”

Chris Orchard, Patch Staff (November 22, 2011). Man Accused of Taking Secret Photos in Women’s Locker Room. (Archive)

Thomas Close

“The Cyber Crimes center reportedly alerted Homeland Security agents of videos taken of underage boys changing before or after swimming at the YMCA in Sandusky, who sometimes rents their pool to the Boy Scouts.”

Natasha Anderson, Adrienne Dipiazza (November 2, 2018). Boy Scout official arrested, charged with child pornography after allegedly recording children changing. (Archive)

Brian Coleman

“TACOMA, Wash. – A 53-year-old sex offender is charged with attempting to molest an 8-year-old boy in a Tacoma YMCA shower. ”

“Brian Coleman was arrested Tuesday after the boy claimed Coleman approached him while he showered and tried to lure him into a bathroom stall last May.”

Kevin McCarty (November 27, 2013). Police: Sex offender tried to molest boy in Tacoma YMCA shower. (Archive)