Craig E. Talmadge

“King County prosecutors say the defendant, Craig E. Talmadge, “camped out in a stall for over 20 minutes” and showed pornographic pictures on his Samsung Galaxy S6 to the boy in a neighboring stall on Jan. 8.”


Alex Halverson (January 16, 2019). Charges: Man showed 10-year-old nude images in Fred Meyer bathroom. (Archive)

Carl Rainey

“Rainey was in court six years ago, pleading guilty to charges of encouraging child sex abuse in incident at a Gresham Fred Meyer store. He worked at the store and was arrested for secretly taking pictures of girls in a clothes changing room.”

Bob Heye (January 9, 2019). Oregon registered sex offender accused of taking upskirt pics of girl at La Center wedding. (Archive)

Matthew Lee Martin

“The victim told police that she was using the restroom when she noticed the person next to her had unusually large feet. She didn’t think much of it until she saw a cellphone filming her.”

Fox59 (December 12, 2018). Man receives 2 months after filming woman in bathroom of Fishers grocery store. (Archive)

Fox59 (June 1, 2018). Police: Man caught filming woman in bathroom of Fishers Kroger. (Archive)

Woman Says She Was Filmed While Using Publix Restroom In Port St. Lucie

“A local woman claims a man used his cell phone to film her using the restroom at the Publix on Port St. Lucie Boulevard. Now, police are on the hunt to track him down.”

Vincent Crivelli (December 4, 2018). Woman Says She Was Filmed While Using Publix Restroom In Port St. Lucie. (Archive)

Sage Miller

“Cockcroft said the victim was using a urinal at the grocery store and when he looked down, he saw someone in the stall next to him had placed a phone under the partition to record the man at the urinal.”

Adrienne Cutway (November 8, 2018). Teen accused of filming in men’s restroom at Oviedo Publix. (Archive)

Jarrid Percy-LaHaie

“I had to use the lady’s restroom, so I went in there and there was someone in the middle stall, so you could go to the left or right,” said the woman. “Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a hand come down, like they were balancing themselves and I thought, why is somebody bending over that far to balance themselves? Then I saw the cellphone come down and it was pointed in my direction.”

James Gemmell (October 9, 2018). Suspect in Meijer peeping-tom incident charged as habitual offender. (Archive)

Rebecca Russell (October 5, 2018). “Please tell me I’m not seeing what I’m seeing:” Victim in Meijer peeping incident speaks. (Archive)

Sentinel Staff (October 5, 2018). Update: Suspect Arrested In Peeping Tom Case At Holland Meijer. (Archive)

Business: Meijer

Robert Whitehead

Levi Pulkkinen (June 3, 2015). Charge: Man Disguised As Woman Peeped On Students At Bellevue College Ladies Room. (Archive)

Business: Safeway

Update: New Details Released In Sexual Assault Cases At Kroger

WSAZ (July 16, 2018). Update: New Details Released In Sexual Assault Cases At Kroger. (Archive)

Leandro Mlodziejewski

Johnny Archer, Kristina Bugante (July 11, 2018). Hollywood Man Accused of Raping Teen in Publix Restroom. (Archive)

Woman Helps Stop Bathroom Peeper At Davis Store

Tom Miller (April 24, 2018). Woman Helps Stop Bathroom Peeper At Davis Store. (Archive)

Business: Nugget Market