Quincy Crawford

“State records show the hospital also imposed new rules limiting contact between male staff members and female adolescent patients after the 2000 arrest of mental health worker Quincy Crawford, who was later convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in a Pine Grove bathroom. He is serving three years in state prison.”


Richard Fausset (October 23, 2002). 2nd Ex-Hospital Worker Guilty in Sex Case. Latimes.com (Archive)

Harold Anthony Aviles

“He allegedly raped the patient in a hospital bathroom “during a time when they had the ability to roam” the facility, Pachowicz said.”

Jeff McDonald (August 6, 1993). CAMARILLO : Accused Rapist to Be Sent Back to Hospital. Latimes.com (Archive)

Walter Dubose

“According to an arrest report for Walter Dubose, age 52, homeless, Dubose entered St. Francis and walked to the women’s restroom in the main lobby. ”

“The victim told officers she noticed a black man peeping through her stall in the restroom. When she unlocked the stall door, the man reportedly tried to enter the stall with her.”

Ashley Mott (November 12, 2018). Man accused of peeping in women’s restroom at hospital. Thenewsstar.com (Archive)

David Waltz

“David Waltz, 58, of Hampden was arrested in connection with the investigation into a hidden camera that was placed in a hospital bathroom and allegedly involved 12 victims.”

Beth McEvoy (October 23, 2018). 58-year-old arrested in connection with hidden camera placed in hospital bathroom. Newscentermaine.com (Archive)

Gregory tynez Walton

“SEATTLE – A violent rapist attacked a 60-year-old woman in a hospital bathroom, and was captured after a friend heard her screams for help.”

“Police said the attack happened about 5 p.m. Nov. 9 inside a women’s restroom at Harborview Medical Center. Seattle police did not discuss the case until Thursday.”

Alison Grande (November 14, 2013). Police: Violent rapist attacked woman in Harborview bathroom. Kiro7.com (Archive)

EMMC Suspends ‘Suspect’ Who Allegedly Placed Camera In A Staff Bathroom

Callie Ferguson (September 26, 2018). EMMC Suspends ‘Suspect’ Who Allegedly Placed Camera In A Staff Bathroom. Bangordailynews.com (Archive)

Tiffany Brister

Kiran Chawla (August 15, 2018). Two Pointe Coupee Deputies Resign After Having Sex In Bathroom. Wafb.com (Archive)

Chris Kimble

Kiran Chawla (August 15, 2018). Two Pointe Coupee Deputies Resign After Having Sex In Bathroom. Wafb.com (Archive)

Michael McDermott

Robert Mills (April 10, 2018). House arrest for Tewksbury man who allegedly put camera in Lahey bathroom. Lowellsun.com (Archive)

Carlyle Calhoun

Michelle Gallardo (March 20, 2018). Chicago cop charged with sexually assaulting suspect in custody. Abc7chicago.com (Archive)