Alan Gallardo Ganir

“LIHUE — Former female employees of the Kauai Marriott Resort &Beach Club in Lihue have filed a lawsuit in Fifth Circuit Court against the hotel conglomerate, alleging a fellow employee recorded them using the bathroom and changing clothes in the female locker room.”

“The suit alleges over 50 employees, including front desk agents, service agents, servers, bartenders and cashiers of the hotel have used the women’s locker room while being surreptitiously filmed.”


Bethany Freudenthal (October 12, 2018). Suit: Female employees recorded in locker room. (Archive)

Eric King

Associated Press (December 11, 2018). Disney worker accused of voyeurism in employee restroom. (Archive)

Police Arrest Suspected Peeping Tom In Waikiki

“According to police bulletin, a 22-year-old woman was using the bathroom when she saw the suspect, a 22-year-old man, holding his cell phone under the stall.”

HLN Staff (November 14, 2018). Police Arrest Suspected Peeping Tom In Waikiki. (Archive)

Business: Sheraton Waikiki

John Boswell

Christine Stapleton (October 2, 2018). UPDATED: Arrested GOP donor and philanthropist has Alzheimer’s. (Archive)

Demetrue Lawon Mcclary

Hannah Strong (March 23, 2018). As she cleaned a Myrtle Beach bathroom, a man attacked her from behind, police say. (Archive)

John C. Eckhard

TyLisa C. Johnson (February 24, 2018). Police: Registered sex offender who attacked Marriott hotel worker arrested. (Archive)

FOX 13 News staff (February 24, 2018). Police arrest man accused in hotel attack. (Archive)

Also known as John Eckhard

Oscar Patino Aguilar

Jon Moreno (October 19, 2017). Ex-hotel employee accused of installing hidden camera inside bathroom withdraws guilty plea. (Archive)

City News Service (September 21, 2017). Palm Springs hotel ex-employee who put camera in bathroom pleads guilty. (Archive)

City News Service (May 23, 2017). Ex-hotel employee pleads not guilty to installing hidden camera in bathroom. (Archive)

Brett Kelman (May 9, 2017). Hidden camera found in Palm Springs hotel bathroom. (Archive)

Also known as Oscar Patino-Aguilar

Patrick Aaron Middleton

Lynsi Burton (August 22, 2017). Accused Seattle hotel voyeur arrested in Texas. (Archive)

Business: Downtown Seattle Hyatt hotel

Anh Tuan Nguyen

Andrea Johnson (May 17, 2017). Accused ducks out on indecent exposure hearing. (Archive)

Valvano Alexander Erwin

Donna De Jesus (April 21, 2017). Peeping tom caught in hotel restroom. (Valvano Alexander Erwin) (Archive)