Evan Francisco Gomez

“A father accompanied his 3-year-old son to the bathroom and was assisting him at a urinal when he saw a man later identified as Gomez apparently taking photos after the child’s pants and underwear had been pulled down, prosecutors said.”


Staff Reports (August 9, 2012). Man pleads to photographing boy, 3, in Dodger Stadium restroom. Latimes.com (Archive)

Nichols Gregor

“Nichols Gregor, 37, was accused of taking videos from inside and outside a men’s restroom at Wrigley Field last June. Videos found on his handheld camera included shots of men and at least four boys under age 18 using the restroom.”

“In 2010, Gregor was caught videotaping an 11-year-old boy next to him at a urinal during a swim meet in St. Charles, authorities said.”

Elvia Malagon, Megan Crepeau (March 2, 2017). Man gets 8 years for taking video of boys and men in Wrigley Field bathroom. Latimes.com (Archive)

Brian Rouse

Bree Burkitt (September 13, 2017). Police arrest Cedar City flashing suspect. Thespectrum.com (Archive)

Police Investigating Alleged Rape In Bathroom During Penguins Game

KDKA-TV (May 4, 2017). Police Investigating Alleged Rape In Bathroom During Penguins Game. Pittsburgh.cbslocal.com (Archive)