Ryan J. Woods

“In July 2010, Ryan J. Woods, then 18 of Sterling Heights, pleaded guilty to capturing or distributing an image of an unclothed person and was sentenced to five weekends in jail and three years probation. He also was ordered to serve 200 hours of community service for recording the person at Image Tanning Center in Macomb Township in September 2009. Police found more than 100 images of 39 people that Woods photographed on his camera during his six months of employment.”


Jameson Cook (October 24, 2011). Sterling Heights woman says male employee recorded her during tanning session. Dailytribune.com (Archive)

Edward A. Hakim III

“Candice Imbrunone says in September 2010 she was victimized by Edward A. Hakim III, an employee of a Clinton Township tanning salon, who she says reached over the wall of a booth and recorded video or photographs of her with a cell phone camera.”

Jameson Cook (October 24, 2011). Sterling Heights woman says male employee recorded her during tanning session. Dailytribune.com (Archive)

Business: Baja Beach Tan

Ryan Aaron Alden

“In an arrest warrant affidavit filed Thursday, Ryan Aaron Alden admitted to placing the hidden cameras in a home near NW 23rd and Meridian, as well as taking pictures and videos of women in mall changing rooms and tanning beds.”

Bill Miston (November 1, 2018). Security company employee, accused of placing hidden cameras in Nichols Hills home, arrested again in Oklahoma City case. Kfor.com (Archive)

Steven B. Pucci

“Steven B. Pucci, 56, is suspected of placing a camera disguised as a phone charger in the dressing room of a local tanning salon and secretly recording customers, police said.”

Hannah Darden (October 10, 2018). Suspect identified in Folsom ‘electronic peeper’ at tanning salon. Sacbee.com (Archive)

Richard Kantor

Newson6.com (August 28, 2017). Man Pleads Guilty To Pryor Peeping Tom. Newson6.com (Archive)

Lori Fullbright (May 30, 2017). Alleged Tanning Bed Peeping Tom Incident Leaves Pryor Woman Shattered. Newson6.com (Archive)

Eric Shane Couch

Sarah Chaffin (July 12, 2017). Police: Man arrested for taking video of woman in tanning booth at Hot Springs gym. Katv.com (Archive) (Archive)

Randy Kelley

Clayton Youngman (May 31, 2017). Okmulgee County DA: Man gets 10-year sentence in peeping Tom case. Ktul.com (Archive) (Archive)

Dee Duren (May 31, 2017). Okmulgee Tanning Bed Peeping Tom Sentenced To Prison. Newson6.com (Archive)

Also known as Randy Kent Kelley

James Eddy III

Emily Satchell (May 10, 2017). Charges withdrawn for man arrested in peeping Tom incident at Norfolk gym. Wavy.com (Archive)

Cody Garcia

News Staff (April 10, 2017). Salon owner arrested on voyeurism charges; minor among victims, police say. Kvia.com (Archive)