Jay Quinata

Jasmine Stole (September 28, 2017). Man accused of secretly filming girls in shower takes plea deal. Guampdn.com (Archive)

John O’Connor (July 13, 2017). Plea deal may be settled in Quinata voyeurism case. Postguam.com (Archive)

Manny Cruz (April 5, 2017). Defendant accused of voyeurism allegedly violated pre-trial conditions. Postguam.com (Archive)


Jack Paulus

Jasmine Stole (May 30, 2017). Man Accused Of Harassing Minor Girls At Park Restroom. Guampdn.com (Archive)

Valvano Alexander Erwin

Donna De Jesus (April 21, 2017). Peeping tom caught in hotel restroom. Pacificnewscenter.com (Valvano Alexander Erwin) (Archive)

Timothy Hubert

Jasmine Stole (April 28, 2017). No prison time for man who put camera in club restroom. Guampdn.com (Archive)