Michael McDermott

“Police charged Michael Mcdermott, 21, of Tewksbury with three counts of photographing an unsuspecting nude person, and one count of possession of a wiretap device.”


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Yelm Police: Police Arrest Man For Gym Exposure

“Police were dispatched to Anytime Fitness on Jan. 5 after several people reported a man was in the gym high on drugs and taking off his clothes. Officers found the man fully clothed and sitting down when they arrived, however others reported the man had entered the woman’s locker room, grabbed towels then sat down on a couch and began to masturbate.”

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Jeremy Scott Godfirnon

“Fayetteville police arrested Godfirnon in March. Godfirnon hid an iPhone with the “Pocket Spy” app enabled in a restroom where he was installing light fixtures.”

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Camera Found In Funeral Home Bathroom

“Police say a patron noticed the camera mounted in the men’s restroom last Thursday and immediately reported it to the authorities.”

Bridgett Howard (January 3, 2019). Camera Found In Funeral Home Bathroom. Lex18.com (Archive)

Business: Spurlin Funeral Home

Jay Robinson

“KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A mid-Missouri man is on the run after detectives traced a hidden camera in a public library bathroom back to him, according to court documents.”

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Also known as Jay P. Robinson, Jay Paul Robinson

Investigation Underway After Device With Camera Lens Found In Women’s Locker Room At Bates

“LEWISTON (WGME) – An investigation is underway after a suspicious device, with some type of camera lens on it, was found in the women’s locker room at Bates College.”

WGME (December 31, 2018). Investigation Underway After Device With Camera Lens Found In Women’s Locker Room At Bates. Wgme.com (Archive)

Keithley Stanley

“ELLSWORTH, Maine — A Surry man was charged Monday with invasion of privacy after allegedly setting up a camera to record his co-workers as they used the bathroom.”

Mario Moretto, BDN Staff (June 18, 2013). Surry man arrested after allegedly filming co-workers in bathroom. Bangordailynews.com (Archive)

Business: Maine Shellfish Company

Mark Tenneson

“University officials said the incident happened in a men’s room Sunday.”

“They said the man was 55-year-old Mark Tenneson made unlawful sexual contact with the individual and has not been seen since.”

Zach Blanchard (October 3, 2017). UMaine police search for suspect in alleged sexual assault. Newscentermaine.com (Archive)

Benjamin Emmott

“The counts for which Emmott was convicted represented only a fraction of the women — and in some cases, possibly teenagers — he allegedly filmed in secret in schools, businesses, a gym and in bathrooms across Greater Bangor over the last decade, according to Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Russell’s court testimony.”

Callie Ferguson (June 7, 2018). Former Bangor teacher sentenced to 9 months for secretly filming up women’s skirts. Wgme.com (Archive)

Matthew Elwell

“The investigation revealed that a hidden camera disguised as a digital clock had been left on top of a toilet tank by Matthew Elwell in an employee bathroom on June 17, according to police.”

WGME (July 13, 2016). Man accused of hiding camera in Dover bathroom. Wgme.com (Archive)