Zuma Beach Killing Allegations Shock Hometown of 3 Suspects

“Investigators believe that the youths went to Southern California by bus in late May to avoid a burglary investigation. After a brief stay in Los Angeles, they allegedly accosted and stabbed saleswoman Jacqueline Kirkham in a public restroom, taking her purse and car in order to return to New Mexico.”


Manley Witten (November 19, 1992). N.M. Teens Sentenced in Killing at Zuma Beach : Murder: The 18-year-old who stabbed the victim received life without parole. His accomplice, also 18, got 25 years to life.. Latimes.com (Archive)

John Johnston (June 9, 1991). Zuma Beach Killing Allegations Shock Hometown of 3 Suspects. Latimes.com (Archive)

Arrested: Jason Alexander, Michael Lorretto, Guillermo Bustos

Andre Romelle Young

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