Charles Ray Devoe Jr.

“While he could not isolate Devoe as the only possible source of the semen, Montagna’s findings supported the victim’s earlier testimony that Devoe had forced his way into a bathroom stall she was using and completed a sexual act against her will.”


Paul Sylvain, BDN Staff (March 11, 1993). Testimony by chemist implicates man in rape case. (Archive)

Charles Augustus Jones

“A parolee with a lengthy rap sheet was charged with capital murder after a statewide DNA database linked him to a 1993 sexual assault and killing of a woman at a South Los Angeles carwash, authorities said Monday.”

“Jones, who was charged Friday, is accused of killing Mara Robinson, 34, whose body was discovered June 9, 1993, inside a restroom by workers at a carwash at 1624 W. Florence Ave.”

Caitlin Liu (June 7, 2005). DNA Is Linked to 1993 Slaying. (Archive)

Harold Anthony Aviles

“He allegedly raped the patient in a hospital bathroom “during a time when they had the ability to roam” the facility, Pachowicz said.”

Jeff McDonald (August 6, 1993). CAMARILLO : Accused Rapist to Be Sent Back to Hospital. (Archive)