Niles Goodsite

“A television director was arrested Wednesday for secretly filming women using a restroom at a Warner Center office complex, Los Angeles police said.”

“After he went into a stall and closed the door behind him, Goodsite sat on a toilet and angled a video camera under adjoining stalls for more than an hour, police said. He filmed more than 15 women using the toilet before he was caught, Severns said.”


Timothy Williams (April 22, 1994). WOODLAND HILLS : Director Arrested for Lewd Conduct. (Archive)

James Walter Lent

“Accused Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament Lent , a SSS brother, was on leave from position as elementary school teacher for Cleveland diocese and was studying at Gonzaga Univ when he was arrested in Spokane 5/94 after 13 yr old boy accused him of performing oral sex on the boy in a mall restroom and giving him $20. Released on bail posted by Order. Committed suicide 5/29/94 before he could be arraigned.”

Brandia (January 19, 2016). Catholic Church Throws it’s Victims a Bone. (Archive)