Chad Lawrence Schmidt

“After professing his innocence for 2 1/2 years, a former Newbury Park High School student admitted Tuesday to raping a woman at knifepoint in a campus bathroom and attacking four other victims near the school in late 1996.”


Tracy Wilson (May 26, 1999). Guilty Plea Entered in School Rape. (Archive)

Drew David Lambert

“In one case, he dragged a 6-year-old girl into the restroom of a Laguna Niguel bookstore and attempted to rape her, said prosecutor Rosanne Froeberg. In another instance, he lured two girls into the bathroom of a local pizza parlor, fondled them and exposed himself, Froeberg said.”

Rene Lynch (August 3, 1996). Teen Molester Sentenced to 15 Years to Life. (Archive)

Bob Moorehead

Staff Reports (May 22, 1999). REDMOND: Elders say evidence goes against pastor. (Archive)

Art Moore (July 13, 1998). Sex Allegations: Megachurch Pastor Quits, Denies Wrongdoing. (Archive)

2 Parks Getting Reputation For Sex

Tom Leithauser (September 17, 1996). 2 Parks Getting Reputation For Sex. (Archive)[1].

Notable Quote: “Complaints about these activities have attracted undercover police officers to Lake Underhill and Joe Kittinger parks. In recent weeks, officers have arrested more than 60 men of various ages and occupations, ranging from artist and truck driver to accountant.”[1].

Thomas Lee Benson

“A predatory sex offender who dressed as a female and entered the women’s locker room at North Clackamas Aquatic Park was sentenced Tuesday to nine months in jail.”

“Thomas Lee Benson, who was convicted of sexually abusing children 17 years ago, has a long history of dressing as a female and using women’s dressing areas.”

Steve Mayes (October 27, 2011). Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced for Clackamas aquatic park crimes. (Archive)

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