Alfred Muller

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Charles Andrew Williams

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Kevin F. Jocembs

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Willie Logan (August 21, 2001). Judge Issues Ruling In Willie Logan’s Case. (Archive)

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Willie Logan is a former Florida State House Democratic leader.

Thomas Lee Benson

“A predatory sex offender who dressed as a female and entered the women’s locker room at North Clackamas Aquatic Park was sentenced Tuesday to nine months in jail.”

“Thomas Lee Benson, who was convicted of sexually abusing children 17 years ago, has a long history of dressing as a female and using women’s dressing areas.”

Steve Mayes (October 27, 2011). Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced for Clackamas aquatic park crimes. (Archive)

Business: Nordstrom

James Jeffrey Hall

Staff Reports (February 22, 2001). Police arrest man in OU bathroom. (Archive)