Mother Suing Over Rape At School

“The girl told police she had been searching for an administrator to sign a tardy slip when she was dragged into the boys bathroom and attacked.”


The Associated Press (March 18, 2004). Mother Suing Over Rape At School. (Archive)

Paul Leahy

“BOSTON — The killing was stunning because of its randomness a young woman stabbed to death in the bathroom at a busy highway rest stop.”

“During pretrial hearings prosecutors described Leahy as a violent sexual predator who followed Zapp into the Burger King restroom at the rest stop on Route 24 and stabbed her to death as she tried to fight him.”

Denise Lavoie, Associated Press (September 22, 2003, Updated January 13, 2011). Trial to begin today in Route 24 rest stop killing. (Archive)