Wei-Chen Lin

“A man who’s been convicted twice of felony voyeurism, for shooting photos of men in public restrooms, is behind bars for allegedly doing it again, this time on a local college campus.”

“Thirty-year old Wei-Chen Lin, also known as “Jeffrey,” is a registered sex offender who, according to court documents released Tuesday afternoon, tried to take photos of a man while he used the restroom at Cascadia College in Bothell on Monday.”


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Notable Quote: “Wei-Chen Lin of Seattle was sentenced on October 26th to just nine months of work release and twelve months of community supervision for recording video of men using the restroom at Cascadia College in Bothell in May. Even though it was Lin’s third conviction for voyeurism, the registered sex offender received no jail time.”[1].

Also known as Jeffrey

Thomas Lee Benson

“A predatory sex offender who dressed as a female and entered the women’s locker room at North Clackamas Aquatic Park was sentenced Tuesday to nine months in jail.”

“Thomas Lee Benson, who was convicted of sexually abusing children 17 years ago, has a long history of dressing as a female and using women’s dressing areas.”

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Business: Nordstrom

Michael Shallow

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Shawn Carr

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Carlos Antonio Chavez

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Sen. Larry Craig

“The senator was arrested June 11, 2007, by an undercover police officer at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The officer said Craig tapped his foot and signaled under a stall divider that he wanted sex.”

“Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a fine. After his arrest later became public, Craig tried unsuccessfully to reverse his conviction, in the process racking up substantial legal fees that he satisfied by tapping his campaign accounts.”

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Federal Lawsuit Alleges Disabled Clackamas High School Student Was Raped In School Bathroom By Another Student

Noelle Crombie (May 10, 2007). Federal Lawsuit Alleges Disabled Clackamas High School Student Was Raped In School Bathroom By Another Student. Oregonlive.com (Archive)