Kelly Cross

“At issue is an incident that occurred in a Washington, D.C. gym in 2009. According to documents in the case, Cross was accused of videotaping a man who was undressing in the gym’s dressing area. Cross says that the gym was known as a place for cruising, and that he had made arrangements with a man via Craigslist to meet with him in the bathroom for sex, alluding to his interest in filming the encounter. Cross says he filmed the man undressing and in a bathroom stall, assuming this was the person he had arranged to meet on Craigslist. However, the victim told police that he didn’t know Cross and was simply changing his clothes and using the toilet—and then discovered that Cross was surreptitiously filming him.”


Lisa Snowden-McCray (April 4, 2016). Illegal fliers bring up City Council candidate Kelly Cross’ past. (Archive)

Jonathan R. Tung, Esq. (August 3, 2016). Peeping Tom Lawyer Faces Disbarment. Is the System Rigged?. (Archive)

Omar Davis Curry

“Investigators say Omar Davis Curry, 30, called the teenager into a girls’ locker room at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, removed her clothes and performed oral sex on her.”

Joe Callahan (February 9, 2009). Belleview High teacher arrested for sex with student. (Archive)

Benjamin Emmott

“The counts for which Emmott was convicted represented only a fraction of the women — and in some cases, possibly teenagers — he allegedly filmed in secret in schools, businesses, a gym and in bathrooms across Greater Bangor over the last decade, according to Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Russell’s court testimony.”

Callie Ferguson (June 7, 2018). Former Bangor teacher sentenced to 9 months for secretly filming up women’s skirts. (Archive)

Darrel Lewis

“Lewis also admitted to putting a camera in the women’s restroom at his church, the Faith Family Church in Glastonbury, police said. One of his victims at the church was an 11-year-old girl, according to police. Lewis began placing the camera in the church bathroom in 2009, police said.”

Bob Connors, Ilana Gold (December 31, 2012). Man Put Cameras in Restrooms at Work, Church: Cops. (Archive)

Ryan J. Woods

“In July 2010, Ryan J. Woods, then 18 of Sterling Heights, pleaded guilty to capturing or distributing an image of an unclothed person and was sentenced to five weekends in jail and three years probation. He also was ordered to serve 200 hours of community service for recording the person at Image Tanning Center in Macomb Township in September 2009. Police found more than 100 images of 39 people that Woods photographed on his camera during his six months of employment.”

Jameson Cook (October 24, 2011). Sterling Heights woman says male employee recorded her during tanning session. (Archive)

Wei-Chen Lin

“A man who’s been convicted twice of felony voyeurism, for shooting photos of men in public restrooms, is behind bars for allegedly doing it again, this time on a local college campus.”

“Thirty-year old Wei-Chen Lin, also known as “Jeffrey,” is a registered sex offender who, according to court documents released Tuesday afternoon, tried to take photos of a man while he used the restroom at Cascadia College in Bothell on Monday.”

Amy Clancy (November 1, 2016). Police & prosecutors concerned by growing cases of voyeurism. (Archive)[1].

Amy Clancy (May 3, 2016). Registered sex offender arrested for allegedly taking photos in public restroom – for third time. (Archive)

Notable Quote: “Wei-Chen Lin of Seattle was sentenced on October 26th to just nine months of work release and twelve months of community supervision for recording video of men using the restroom at Cascadia College in Bothell in May. Even though it was Lin’s third conviction for voyeurism, the registered sex offender received no jail time.”[1].

Also known as Jeffrey

William Frazier

Tasha Posid (October 1, 2009). Armed Man Arrested in DUC. (Archive)

Also known as Coco Dorella

Thomas Lee Benson

“A predatory sex offender who dressed as a female and entered the women’s locker room at North Clackamas Aquatic Park was sentenced Tuesday to nine months in jail.”

“Thomas Lee Benson, who was convicted of sexually abusing children 17 years ago, has a long history of dressing as a female and using women’s dressing areas.”

Steve Mayes (October 27, 2011). Cross-dressing sex predator sentenced for Clackamas aquatic park crimes. (Archive)

Business: Nordstrom

Luis Mesqueda Hernandez

Associated Press (July 28, 2009). Man Arrested for Taking Photos of Woman in Target Bathroom. (Archive)

Jonathan Mikio Kennedy

Deborah Medenbach (March 18, 2009). Arrest made in bathroom camera case. (Archive)