Benjamin Emmott

“The counts for which Emmott was convicted represented only a fraction of the women — and in some cases, possibly teenagers — he allegedly filmed in secret in schools, businesses, a gym and in bathrooms across Greater Bangor over the last decade, according to Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Russell’s court testimony.”


Callie Ferguson (June 7, 2018). Former Bangor teacher sentenced to 9 months for secretly filming up women’s skirts. (Archive)

Patrick Umberger

“The Diocese of La Crosse placed no restrictions on an Onalaska priest despite learning he had reportedly followed young boys into a water park restroom last summer, the diocese attorney confirmed.”

“The Rev. Patrick Umberger, priest at St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish since 2005, was charged Thursday with possessing child pornography after a state Department of Justice investigation that began with the water park incident.”

Pioneer Press (November 12, 2015). Diocese of La Crosse knew of water park report but didn’t limit priest’s contact with kids. (Archive)

Jose Raphael Reyes

“In May of 2010, the unidentified student, then a 14-year-old freshman, was sexually assaulted in Roosevelt High School by another student, who had been classified by the state as a Level II sex offender. According to court documents, Jose Raphael Reyes, who was 18 at the time, groomed the girl for weeks, before pulling her into a school bathroom, and sexually assaulting her.”

Staff Reports (November 8, 2013). Seattle Public Schools paying $700,000 to sex assault victim. (Archive) (Archive)[1].

Notable Quote: “Washington State law prohibits school administration from telling students, parents, or community about a student’s status as a registered sex offender.”[1].

William E. Gordius

“BANGOR, Maine — A local man who is a registered sex offender was caught Tuesday evening trying to peek under restroom stall doors at the Pickering Square parking garage, Bangor police Sgt. Paul Edwards said Wednesday.”

“A female BAT Community Connector employee told officers around 5:15 p.m. that she saw a man on his hands and knees in the women’s restroom trying to look at women inside the stalls.”

Nok-Noi Ricker (June 16, 2010). Sex offender arrested in Pickering Square bathroom. (Archive)

Sex Offender Arrested After Attending School’s Grandparent’s Day

Adam Crisp (October 7, 2010). Sex Offender Arrested After Attending School’s Grandparent’s Day. (Archive)

Nightclub Sued By Man Assaulted In Women’s Restroom

Mike McKnight (June 02, 2010). Nightclub Sued By Man Assaulted In Women’s Restroom. (Archive)

Man Disguised as Woman Allegedly Sneaks into RSF Women’s Locker Room, Takes Pictures

Jeffrey Butterfield (October 13, 2010). Man Disguised as Woman Allegedly Sneaks into RSF Women’s Locker Room, Takes Pictures. (Archive)

Armando Perez

Staff Reports (November 16, 2017). Man convicted of killing wife in City College bathroom sentenced to life. (Archive)

Francisco Andrade

Maura Yates (June 3, 2010). Staten Island Ferry passenger accused of reaching under stall, touching teen in restroom. (Archive)

Harrisonburg Police Arrest Four More in Bathroom Sex Stings

McKinsey Harris (July 31, 2010). Harrisonburg Police Arrest Four More in Bathroom Sex Stings. (Archive)

44-year-old Tracy Stallard
57-year-old Glenn Huffman
58-year-old Paul Ritchie
67-year-old Roger Bryant
Ricky McCray