Elizabeth Ellis

“The other victim, stabbed from behind about 11:58 a.m. while in the restroom at J.C. Penney, told police that her alleged assailant stared at her “with her eyes wide” before leaving the bathroom. Neither victim reported that Ellis spoke to them.”


Judy Harrison (June 4, 2015). Affidavit: Woman accused of Bangor Mall stabbings said ‘I am not well’. Bangordailynews.com (Archive)

Benjamin Emmott

“The counts for which Emmott was convicted represented only a fraction of the women — and in some cases, possibly teenagers — he allegedly filmed in secret in schools, businesses, a gym and in bathrooms across Greater Bangor over the last decade, according to Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Russell’s court testimony.”

Callie Ferguson (June 7, 2018). Former Bangor teacher sentenced to 9 months for secretly filming up women’s skirts. Wgme.com (Archive)

Skylar Ware

“BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — A 20-year-old man is accused of taking pictures of a girl in a dressing room at the Kohl’s store, 18800 E. 39th Street in Independence, Mo., on July 3. Skylar Ware is also now charged with Invasion of Privacy in the second degree in Jackson County.”

Michelle Pekarsky (July 24, 2015). Invasion of privacy charge against man who allegedly took pictures of girl in Kohl’s dressing room. Fox4kc.com (Archive)

Matthew David Kuppe

“(JTA) — A counselor at a JCC day camp in suburban Detroit was charged with producing child pornography after allegedly filming prepubescent boys in the JCC locker room and sharing the photos online.”

Kat Stafford (August 13, 2015). West Bloomfield day camp aide charged with child porn. Freep.com (Archive)

JTA (August 13, 2015). Detroit JCC camp counselor charged with filming naked boys in locker room. Jta.org (Archive)

Sean Moses

“Sean Moses allegedly liked to record video of girls and women at the beach and sports events. He also did it secretly in store dressing rooms and homes – even of women in bed with him, police say.”

Mari A. Schaefer (March 3, 2015). Narberth man arrested for secretly filming women. Philly.com (Archive)

Nick Douglas Pledger

“The former U.S. Air Force airman admitted in Vigo Superior Court 5 that he was “consumed” with pornography and voyeurism websites when he secretly shot “up-skirt” photos on campus and videos in a women’s locker room, then posted the images and videos online in 2015 and 2016.”

Lisa Trigg (November 29, 2017). ISU voyeur gets 5-year sentence. Tribstar.com (Archive)

Unknown Author (September 6, 2017. My Ex-Partner Was Arrested For Hiding Cameras In My Teammates’ Locker Room. Fightthenewdrug.org (Archive)

Jason Ray Paner

“A Sacramento man was arrested Saturday after it was found he was taking pictures of girls inside the women’s locker room during a swim meet at Solano Community College, according to Solano County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Daryl Snedeker.”

“Jason Ray Paner, 33, was arrested and booked for felony possession of obscene matter depicting a minor, as well as burglary, according to Snedeker.”

KXTV Staff (March 9, 2015). Sacramento man arrested after taking pictures of minors inside a locker room. Abc10.com (Archive)

James Vincent

“West Texas A&M University police arrested an Amarillo man suspected of taking a picture of a minor in a campus women’s locker room, according to a Thursday news release.”

Vanessa Garcia (January 22, 2015). WT police arrest man accused of photographing minor in women’s locker room. Amarillo.com (Archive)

Robert Roleson

“A female employee of Gucci discovered a camera hidden in the restroom of the store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa on Thursday morning, police said.”

Jeremiah Bobruck (February 5, 2015). Man arrested after camera found in Gucci restroom. Latimes.com (Archive)

Business: Gucci

Central Oregon Community College

“After campus security botched an investigation into an employee placing a cellphone in a woman’s restroom …”

Bulletin Editorial Board (December 19, 2018). Editorial: COCC Needs To Make Public Safety Changes. Bendbulletin.com (Archive)

Aubrey Wieber (January 24, 2017). DA’s assessment:COCC police powers on ‘shaky legal ground’. Bendbulletin.com (Archive)