Jonathan Gage Johnson

“A manager at a smoke shop was arrested Thursday in connection with putting a recording device into a fake plant and capturing video of a woman using the restroom at the business.”


Austin L. Miller (January 8, 2016). Dunnellon store manager arrested after video camera found in women’s restroom. (Archive)

Brunswick Settles Lawsuit Over Former Student Who Says He Was Assaulted In School Bathroom

“According to the 30-page complaint, over a period of 2½ years “a group of sexually aggressive and violent male students” harassed the student, called him “gay,” subjected him to several “gay tests,” struck him with a lacrosse stick, stabbed him with a pencil, sexually assaulted him on three separate occasions, then threatened him and his family if he told anyone about the assaults.”

Beth Brogan (November 1, 2016). Brunswick Settles Lawsuit Over Former Student Who Says He Was Assaulted In School Bathroom. (Archive)

Josef Messer

“According to Hancock County District Attorney, Matthew Foster, Messer allegedly took a child to the bathroom after the child defecated. Messer proceeded to submerge the child in cold water and allegedly made the child eat his own feces.”

Kayla Binette (June 20, 2016). Man accused of assaulting 5-year-old in court. (Archive)

Benjamin Emmott

“The counts for which Emmott was convicted represented only a fraction of the women — and in some cases, possibly teenagers — he allegedly filmed in secret in schools, businesses, a gym and in bathrooms across Greater Bangor over the last decade, according to Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Russell’s court testimony.”

Callie Ferguson (June 7, 2018). Former Bangor teacher sentenced to 9 months for secretly filming up women’s skirts. (Archive)

Gregg Condon

“The charges stem from an incident last October when he put a camera in a bathroom waste basket at a place he once worked to get a look at a co-worker.”

Kelly Doty (July 25, 2016). Man pleads guilty to secret peeping, will not register as sex offender. (Archive)

Police: Students Feed Teacher Pastry Frosted With Semen

“The boys, all freshmen at Westside High School, went to the bathroom and masturbated into containers before they mixed the semen into frosting according to the Omaha Police Department.”

KPTM (December 15, 2016). Police: Students Feed Teacher Pastry Frosted With Semen. (Archive)

15-Year-Old Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Man In Bathroom Of McDonald’s In D.C.

“WASHINGTON (WJLA) — A 15-year-old has been arrested for allegedly shooting a man in the bathroom of a McDonald’s in D.C. last week, police announced Monday afternoon.”

WJLA (August 15, 2016). 15-Year-Old Arrested For Allegedly Shooting Man In Bathroom Of McDonald’s In D.C.. (Archive)

Stephen Tschida/ABC7 (August 12, 2016). Man shot inside McDonald’s restroom in Chinatown. (Archive)

Matthew Elwell

“The investigation revealed that a hidden camera disguised as a digital clock had been left on top of a toilet tank by Matthew Elwell in an employee bathroom on June 17, according to police.”

WGME (July 13, 2016). Man accused of hiding camera in Dover bathroom. (Archive)

Grant Ajango

“Police documents say 20-year-old Grant Ajango walked into the woman’s restroom and locked the door behind him. After being told to get out, Ajango allegedly slammed her against the wall, pulled down her shorts and performed a sex act against her will.”

Kevin Glueck (September 7, 2016). Man accused of sexually assaulting woman in Jimmy John’s bathroom. (Archive)

Business: Jimmy John’s

Zachary Patrick Roberts

“BLUE EARTH — A former Janesville basketball coach and choir teacher is facing numerous felony charges after police say he used a disguised camera to film naked boys in a locker room.”

Leah Buletti (June 27, 2016). Former Janesville basketball coach charged in locker room filming. (Archive)