Second Woman Reports Locker Room Video Posted On Snapchat

Courtney Brennan (April 3, 2017). Second woman reports locker room video posted on Snapchat. (Archive)


Thomas Clay Hosman

Deborah Wrigley (April 3, 2017). 2 Louise ISD teachers arrested in separate incidents. (Archive)

James Patrick Stanton Jr.

Susan Taylor Martin (April 3, 2017). Tampa attorney accused of secretly videotaping women offers to give up law license. (James Patrick Stanton Jr.) (Archive)

Note: Statute of limitations had expired.

Nathaniel William Thomas

Jim Walsh (April 4, 2017). 3 of 4 victims sexually assaulted in Hamilton High locker room were younger than 15, records state. (Archive)

John Lyons Jr.

Eric Devlin (April 5, 2017). Charges dropped in Perkiomen Valley School District locker room video case. (John Lyons Jr.) (Archive)

Girl With Learning Disability Lured To Brooklyn School Bathroom, Forced To Perform Sex Acts: Police

Erica Byfield (April 5, 2017). Girl With Learning Disability Lured to Brooklyn School Bathroom, Forced to Perform Sex Acts: Police. (Archive)

Jared Deflurin

Rio Lacanlale (April 5, 2017). Man charged with attempted sex assault in Delano restroom. (Archive)

Man Says Peeping Tom Took Restroom Photos Of Him At Work In Grapevine

Anjulie Van Sickle (April 5, 2017). Man says Peeping Tom took restroom photos of him at work in Grapevine. (Archive)

John Barnard Copeland

Kyle Schwab (April 5, 2017). Two 13-year-old John Marshall Mid-High School students accused of attempting to rape fellow student on campus. (Archive)